We know this rule: You either are a bride-to-be or you know a bride-to-be. Even if you don’t know any – you know somebody who knows one. Waiting for the conclusion? Even if you think that you don’t need a bridal gifts – the truth is completely different.
So… just in case you’ve been thinking about a perfect bridal gifts – we’ve got a bunch of special tips for you. We’re more than sure that you’ll enjoy!
Ready? Steady? Go!

White or… white?

You might be thinking that white lingerie is compulsory here, but… we won’t agree with you. The tradition may be important, however… bang-Bang! No more pure white! Wait few minutes, read our ideas and… let your fantasy choose you the right direction!

Our first offer? 843! Collection marked with this number is really close to the pure white but… it has a subtle hint of pepper! Five, incredibly sexy designs can spoil not only groom’s eyes but… bride’s body! Extremely soft and almost weightless fabric will be a huge relief for body tired of wearing super elegant gown!

Perfectly tailored chemise, incredibly sexy corset or set? All together and every one of them are a perfect gift!

Surprise for bride or gift from bridesmaid?

Or maybe both of them? An incredibly sexy lingerie is not only a perfect gift for a bride-to-be but also… a great script for a wedding night!

So, it’s really good to get crazy and give up on cliché talking about sexy, white and not too daring lingerie. Do you want to know what is on our minds? Think about number 822! Tempting red colour and incredibly spicy design will for sure change a wedding night into a spectacular and worth remembering event! Absolutely elegant pearls add plenty of charm while sexy and tempting front lacing… asks for pulling!

Any add-ons? Sure! Check out our crop, whip, feathers or… incredibly tempting pheromone perfumes! Give the bride this amazing opportunity to test them o her hubby!

Gift from maid of honor?

Has to include a dose of fun! So would you like to know what have we done? We’ve chosen some incredibly good ideas. first of all, even though having fun is very important for us we have to admit that treating this paragraph with totally seriously isn’t a good idea…

So… sexy stewardess takes her husband to the most exotic corner of the world while… firm policewoman knows how to bring order to their bedroom! How about an incredibly cute kitten? Well, this outfit cannot be bitten!

Wedding night? Spicy-sweet bride!

Are you thinking about something extremely spicy for your bride-to-be? Are you looking for an absolute sex-appeal bomb? We’ve got it! Check out our bodystockings – little pieces of art that you put all over your body.

What is so incredible in it? Well, everything! Super soft knitwear, extremely beautiful prints and absolutely full wearing comfort. Is that all you’ve expected? Now add this guaranteed WOW effect! Let’s admit that in the end of the day… a wedding night is about consumption! Does this set of hints need a conclusion? We don’t think so… Anyway, let the conclusion to be written by newlywed – that’s what it is about!

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