Walk on tiptoes. You’re a tiny mouse. Don’t let him find out what’s about to happen. Get closer and closer… you got him! And now? It’s gonna be like never before! Just learn the strategy. It’s right here for you.

Step 1: Tactical trick

Pretend that you are extremely busy. Washing, ironing… oh, and don’t forget about all the work stuff waiting for you!

There’s one goal: he must think that you have no time for him. Just let him take care of his own things – DIY, football match or stamps album. Anything. Just not you. Now you have time to get ready.

Step 2: Do it!

Here’s a simple CHECKLIST for you. Everything ticked off?

  • Bed? Who thinks about bed. Make sure there’s nothing on the table. And don’t let your in-laws surprise you with an unexpected visit. Tiny advice? Lock the door and mute your phone.
  • Lingerie? Obsessive, of course! And you have a great choice here. Just get what you like most and let Obsessive make a “wow” effect for you!
  • Legs? Shaved (and not only legs).

Now a few drops of perfume and… you almost got him! Time to come a little closer.

Step 3: Sneak up on him

Investigate the area. There’s no time for mistakes. Move discreetly and find out where your “prey” is. Avoid dangerous situations. Remember: hungry man = angry man. So it’s not a good idea to attack while he’s having a meal. His favorite football team is playing a match? Well, looks like you need to wait. Interrupting the game may be too risky. And when the right moment comes… take the next step!

Step 4: Attack

Surprise is your best strategy. Trust me. You don’t even need a long warm-up. You’re already warmed up! And your man? Approach him and make him follow your rules. And whenever you want, let him take over control. Your plan – perfectly done! You can enjoy the exciting final.

So… ready, steady, attack!


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