nowa kolekcja koronkowej bielizny damskiej Obsessive

That’s exactly what you want!

Season for new arrivals? It has just started in Obsessive! The first hot number of this month is 854 – the access code to a new, amazing collection!

Six new items – chemise, peignoir, set, thong, panties and garter belt – three incredibly seductive designs, five special solutions and… countless moments full of great pleasure! As our calculations show, 854 collection is going to steal many hearts and fulfill a lot of fantasies. Check it out!

How was lingerie from the new collection designed? With love and care for every detail! Thanks to this it fits perfectly and looks stunning. We used three Comfort solutions and two Fit solutions. Wanna know more? Here you are! Multistretch (exceptionally elastic fabric), NickelFree (no nickel in adornments – no allergy symptoms), Did2Fit (peignoir tied with a satin belt for individual fitting), adjustable closure in the set and open crotch design of the panties – they’ll let you feel fantastic!

Do you like “wow” effect? You’ll get it thanks to beautiful lace and… sexy straps! Every new item – except the subtle, sensual peignoir – has some strappy elements. Incredibly hot designs? Choose the set or panties! And if you’re looking for something absolutely new and very tempting – try the garter belt which has a seductive combination of straps and an additional pair of garters on thighs!

854-PEI-1 - 36,50 EURO

854-PEI-1 – 36,50 EURO

854-CHE-1 - 30,90 EURO

854-CHE-1 – 30,90 EURO

854-SET- 1 27,50 EURO

854-SET- 1 27,50 EURO

854-GAR-1 - 25,50 EURO

854-GAR-1 – 25,50 EURO

854-THO-1 - 12,90 EURO

854-THO-1 – 12,90 EURO

854-PAC-1 - 14,50 EURO

854-PAC-1 – 14,50 EURO

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