The best erotic novels - check out three books that will awaken your sexual fantasy!

Do you want to try entertainment without obligation? One that will cause a blush on your face, make your heart beat faster, and take your sexuality into orbit? If so, invite new guests to your bedroom... Learn more about their life story, dreams and, above all, fantasies... Also, these very intimate stories. You are interested in?

Erotic stories - are they worth the sin?

Do you know that erotic-romantic literature is very popular? Among the most-read books of last year is E.L. James "50 Faces Gray", there was also space for Danielle Steel or Nicolas Sparks. At least to such facts, readers admit.

However, when the lights go out, other "demons" come alive. Have you ever wondered what the people you meet on the street think about? What kind of erotic fantasies do they have? What gadgets do they use in their bedrooms?

Some of them had the courage to share their ideas about "close" relationships between men and women in books. Some of them had the courage to share their ideas about "close" relationships between men and women in books. They transferred stories that appeared in their heads to the pages of the paper. What's more, they also had the courage to present it in a very realistic way. Which of these publications are worth reading? We're already answering!

TOP3 of the best erotic books

“Destination desire” - Helen Hardt

Get to know the story of Jade, which one day the whole world collapsed. A wedding that did not happen. Hopes that did not come true. What could be worse? Jade decides to run away from worries and moves to her friend's ranch. There she meets someone who turns her world once again upside down. However, this time with her permission. Talon, because we’re talking about him, is an incredibly handsome guy who has a very high sexual temperament.

Although Jade at the beginning wasn't completely prepared for such a turn of events, she does give in to new emotions with joy and pleasure. Secrets from the past, in which the main characters are entangled, additionally build tension and encourage you to continue reading. Of course, they combine with many erotic scenes... We must admit that the author of this book had a very big fantasy...

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"Beautiful Stranger" - Christina Lauren

Another book from the category of erotic literature, which you must read, presents the story of Sarah Dillon. We can say about her "a woman with a past". Betrayal, a bad relationship, moving to a new city. Sarah begins her new life by discovering her femininity...

Sara meets a man in the club who becomes her guide on the sexual world map. Sex in public places is completely normal for Sarah and her partner. Library, parking, car mask ... I think you know what we mean… The atmosphere is very hot! "A Beautiful Stranger" is a book that you read in one evening - builds a strong tension, presents many spicy scenes that stimulate fantasy.

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“Reasonable doubt” - Whitney G.

Casual sex for one night is the specialty of the main character of the book "The Accuser" by Whitney G. A handsome, confident, rather arrogant, woman-oriented lawyer named Andrew has clearly defined goals - to use life. Literally.

He meets a woman on one of the social networks, which this time doesn’t fit completely into his pick-up pattern. The more she is insensitive to his treatments, the more he wants to know her. Soon it will turn out that the mysterious stranger will become an intern in his office ...

"Having made the sixth shot this evening, I realized that this last lie - although unrelated to other things - hurt me the most. She was definitely my type, and as soon as she crossed the threshold of the conference room, I immediately wanted her... ". - what completion can we expect? I think you know...

The tension and chemistry that will connect the characters, over time, turn into a passion. Most importantly, Whitney G. wrote a continuation of this story.

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What to read after Grey? Now you know!

Erotic literature is a source of fascinating stories that will make you move into a completely different dimension! Passion, sexuality, common moments together. Who doesn’t dream about it? We hope that you will like our list of erotic stories! If you have read other erotic books that are worth recommending, share the information in the commentary.9

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