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And exciting!

See Gretia collection and unique aspects of Obsydian, Scandalia and Sinsita!

New proposals seduce with deep, black colour, sexy gloss and bold designs. Check all of them and choose the ones that will give you exactly what you need!

Naughty frolics with frivolous collection

Gretia will let you look amazing and discover unexpected sensations. Enjoy your special moments together – Multistretch will make sure that your lingerie fits your body perfectly and stretches as much as you want. Look at the shiny studs! These tiny details will give you lots of feminine charm!

Super-sexy outfits? Choose Gretia dress with underwire cups (they emphasize bust!) or set with garter belt and many regulation options. Both of the designs will make you feel really alluring!

Beautiful derriere look? Get Gretia shorties and let ComfyCut solution give you plenty of benefits. Special sewing techniques make for great wearing comfort and fantastically emphasized shapes! And if you prefer spicier proposals – choose Gretia panties with open crotch and excite him with elastics adorning your buttocks!

Wanna have even more of naughty fun? Use new accessories from Gretia collection! Feisty nipple covers and a playful crop will inspire your fantasies and let you have amazing pleasure!

Gretia dress - 24,40 EUR
Gretia dress - 24,40 EUR


Gretia set - 24,40 EUR
Gretia set - 24,40 EUR


Gretia crop - 11,00 EUR
Gretia crop - 11,00 EUR


Gretia shorties - 9,30 EUR
Gretia shorties - 9,30 EUR




Feisty designs

Have a look at new proposals that will help you prepare an exceptionally hot evening! Obsydian wetlook made out of glossy material will look incredibly sexy on you! And check out its spicy back – fitting lacing from the top to the bottom uncovers much of the body! Did2Fit solution gives you possibility to fit the dress perfectly. Thanks to it, you know that everything will be ideal!

Scandalia is a very unique combination of elastics and metal rings. It will expose all of you beautiful shapes! Fitting doubts? Make use of regulated straps on the back (Did2Fit) and halter-neck lacing. NickelFree icon means that the adornments include no nickel at all. Enjoy your full pleasure without worrying about allergy symptoms!

And if you want to seduce him with a glossy set and tiny, spicy chains (NickelFree) adorning your body – Sinsita is gonna be ideal! Underwire cups will give you tempting bust look and garter briefs work perfectly as a garter belt alternative. Add your stockings and… check the whole, amazing effect!


Sinsita - 33,60 EUR
Sinsita - 33,60 EUR


Obsydian wetlook - 28,40 EUR
Obsydian wetlook - 28,40 EUR


Scandalia - 20,30 EUR
Scandalia - 20,30 EUR


Get to know all of the exciting details of the collection and choose your favourite design. The naughty arrivals and plenty of surprising experiences are waiting for you right <<<HERE>>>!

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