Co robić w Walentynki? valentines idea

Valentine’s Day ideas – it’s gonna be amazing!

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day? How to make it special? If you’re looking for inspiration and unique ideas – we’ve got plenty of them for you! Think about your budget, the amount of time you have and… make the best of it together with your loved one! One thing is for sure: Valentine’s Day is coming, so better get ready now!

Spa – Mountains – The tropics

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But don’t get too enthusiastic yet. You’ve got a lot of possibilities but also… quite a hard nut to crack. Evening in spa, weekend in the mountains or a crazy trip into the tropics?

Let’s start at the very beginning…

A pleasant evening in spa, romantic music, a glass of champagne and… red lingerie! Sounds like a fantastic idea for the two of you. We believe that the choice of spa isn’t a problem for you, but we suggest that you go for a massage rather than a laser treatment (joke). The glass of champagne? That’s a waiter’s job. Your job will be… getting sexy lingerie! And since our job is to give you special inspiration – try 829 collection. It’s your must-have for Valentine’s Day this year!


Day out in the mountains? Done! But try not to end it up in a cheap hostel as it’s not the best place for a romantic atmosphere (though we know couples who somehow made it). We recommend that you book a night in a hotel and… prepare something special! And since Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist without sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie – here’s our next red and incredibly hot inspiration for you: 838 collection! Delicate lace, coquettish adornments and charming details. He’ll love it even more than you will!


A quick trip to the tropics? This time you can get a little wild! We won’t go into more details about it but… let us give you a tiny tip from our set of Valentine’s Day ideas. Wanna try something completely new? Get a bottle filled up with love and pleasure – Obsessive pheromone perfumes! They’re a perfect addition to your red lingerie for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day ideas for couples – simple but exciting

Simple doesn’t mean boring – check it out yourself. Things to do on Valentine’s Day don’t have to cost you millions. Just make sure your shopping list includes your favourite wine, strawberries, whipped cream… Obsessive lingerie and spicy gadgets. Let your man take care of Obsessive shopping (he’ll do it with great pleasure!). Leave a mysterious note in his planner: “Valentine’s Day – get sexy lingerie for her (Obsessive!)”. And then? Wait for this sexy gift from him! Waiting has never been so exciting before – for both of you.

And here’s the Obsessive shopping list we’ve made up for you. Try our “love gadgets” for Valentine’s Day: blindfolds, seductive masks, whips, cuffs and naughty crops. Let the piquancy level go a little higher – it’s really worth trying! With these special accessories in your bedroom you’ll know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most thrilling way.


Ready, steady… go! Follow our Valentine’s Day ideas and remember that whatever you’ll choose, unforgettable moments are coming. You, him, love and Obsessive – this combination always brings plenty of joy and fun! On Valentine’s Day and all year round!