Take a look at the calendar and mark this big date with a big red heart! Wedding anniversary is a key date in your relationship. You can’t deny! That was the time when you said I DO.

So… don’t say you forgot, don’t say you have no time to prepare, don’t even hesitate! No excuses! It’s your day and you can make it your shooting stars show! And guess what? Five ready-made scenarios for your wedding anniversary are right here for you! Choose what you like…

Stay home

Candlelit dinner may not sound like an extraordinary idea for anniversary celebration but... it can be more exciting than you expect! Just follow one of the three Obsessive solutions. Sexy dinner is a very passionate evening with a romantic setting. It can’t go without candles, rose petals and red wine. The Spicy version is a warming and stimulating dose of excitement for the two of you. Naughty accessories and sensual lingerie with a tiny bit of piquancy – this is what you need. The last dinner idea is about Fun. All-night-long games with one of Obsessive costumes? Sounds like plenty of fantastic time!

Surprise him

If you don’t feel like trying the first scenario, here’s option number 2 for you. Clever and mysterious – you need to be just like that. Turn into female Bond and be a sexy spy! Hire a car and… don’t let him recognize you! Pick him up from work, but don’t explain anything. Tempting lingerie hidden underneath your everyday coat, high heels – looks like it’s gonna be an exciting night! Stop by a hotel and lead him straight to the room with a big bath and a bottle of champagne. What next? Make him cooperate with you! You know how to do it…

In the nature

How about finding a magical place to spend your wedding anniversary at? It might be a river, beach or park with little frequented alleys. Think about an ideal place that you both like. Take a blanket, pack the picnic basket and there you go! If you have the possibility to go away for the whole weekend, get a tent and… only one sleeping bag! The two of you and the beauty of the nature around. Time to release your… wildest instincts!

Pleasure time

Dreaming about a peaceful day away from everyday matters? Your man is waiting for this too! Wedding anniversary with no stress at all – this is it! Plan a massage night. You can go for a professional massage for the two of you at a wellness center or simply change your bedroom into a private massage salon. Prepare aroma oils, massage candles and a “special” outfit that will stimulate your bodies…

All inclusive package

Still not sure about how you’ll spend your wedding anniversary day? We have one more solution for you: holidays! You can easily create the wonderful, holiday atmosphere at home. Your all inclusive in 24 hours? It’s gonna be unforgettable! Go to your own nudity zone at the pool. Next, continue the holiday adventure at a romantic place. Aromatic mojito, sexy salsa and… Obsessive as the hottest attraction of the night! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Have fun exploring new places and discovering new sensations together!

This day is coming soon? Start the countdown and get ready for amazing moments!


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