Nowe kolekcje bielizny damskiej 826 Obsessive

What a spicy view!

We love to give you amazingly sensual lingerie. And now we wanna show you our fantastic, new collections! Ready? Here we go!

Do you like it sexy?

Check out the new, incredibly sexy combination within 821 collection! See-through, knitted and very stretchable fabric (Multistretch solution) combined with beautifully adorned lace – in four tempting versions! Chemise, teddy, set with seductive, high-waisted garter belt or charming panties? Try them together with a new, sensual accessory which goes perfectly with sexy lingerie – guipure A710 mask!


821-CHE-1 - 31,90 EUR

821-CHE-1 – 31,90 EUR


821-TED-1 - 32,50 EUR

821-TED-1 – 32,50 EUR


821-SEG-1 - 26,00 EUR

821-SEG-1 – 26,00 EUR


821-PAN-1 - 9,50 EUR

821-PAN-1 – 9,50 EUR


A710 - 5,50 EUR

A710 – 5,50 EUR


Or do you prefer it… spicy?

It’s getting sooo hot! 826 collection warms up the atmosphere with totally new and really naughty designs! It gives you: black chemise with open cups, spicy teddy with half-bra and open crotch, naughty crotchless thong. Beige lace and optical slimming effect (teddy) make a stunning impression!



826-CHE-1 - 34,50 EUR

826-CHE-1 – 34,50 EUR


826-TED-4 - 34,50 EUR

826-TED-4 – 34,50 EUR


826-THO-4 - 11,00 EUR

826-THO-4 – 11,00 EUR


Try something really piquant!

Are you ready for intense pleasure coming with new lingerie made out of seductive fishnet? Take a look at the new bodystocking collection and alluring, knitted teddy with amazing wings motif on the back! You’re gonna love Obsessive knitwear which is perfectly elastic (Multistretch) and has selected fibres, strong knit and sharp details – our 3SKnit solution. Try it!


B112 - 15,00 EUR

B112 – 15,00 EUR


F221 - 19,00 EUR

F221 – 19,00 EUR


F222 - 21,50 EUR

F222 – 21,50 EUR


F223 - 21,50 EUR

F223 – 21,50 EUR


F224 - 21,50 EUR

F224 – 21,50 EUR


N116 - 23,00 EUR

N116 – 23,00 EUR


All of the new arrivals are waiting for you <<<HERE>>>!