The first wedding anniversary is a very important event. For 12 months you and he are connected by the sacramental YES. Probably the memories of this important day in your life are still alive and you are happy to come back to them. Do you already have an idea how to spend your first wedding anniversary?

A gift for husband on the first wedding anniversary - what to choose?

Surprise your husband with an original idea! This day belongs only to you. You need to think carefully about how you spend it. Dinner, going to the cinema, walk in the moonlight. Such ideas are also interesting, but we have for you three alternative suggestions that will make you remember your first wedding anniversary for a long time! What do we propose?

Time travel - the first wedding anniversary as the first date!

Do you remember your first date? Where were you then? What were you doing? How did you feel? Probably a bit intimidated, but with “butterflies in the stomach”... It's worth to recall those moments!

Try to recreate these moments exactly. Choose the same meeting place. Cafe, park, cinema, or maybe the place of your first moments in two was more unusual? Regardless of where you start celebrating, it is also important how you finish it.

Recall in his memory the associations - what happened on your first date? Fortunately, this time you don't have to keep a distance ... It's enough that the place and time agree. Besides, you can enter the “light” innovation to your plan.

Give him a clear signal that a surprise is waiting for him in the house. As if by chance, reveal your arm, unpin the button in the blouse. Look how a white corset made of lace ignites his senses slowly! We are sure that your husband will want to be alone with you soon! In the bedroom, he will immediately start acting - will he manage to unfasten the corset?

Catch a moment ... – the photo session is the perfect gift for the first wedding anniversary for your husband

The first wedding anniversary also called the paper, is worth document in the pictures. At next anniversaries you will have something to remember! However, the presence of a photographer is often embarrassing. So take the camera in your hand and take the initiative!

Choose special costumes for this occasion ... Zorro in a love version?

Why not! For this role, the blindfolds are ideal - in the version for him and for her in a slightly more extravagant form. Pleasant, velvety to the touch material discreetly introduce you to the world of fantasy. All details that he won’t be able to see at the moment, you will capture in the camera frame.

Then the roles can be reversed. The atmosphere will also be heated by a red set of underwear that will add sex to you! Wearing handcuffs, a mask and thong you'll be a great object to photograph!

The intimate photo session is the perfect gift and souvenir for your husband for the 1st wedding anniversary! A photo album that you will make on that day will be a great souvenir for the next years. We are sure that you will always be watching it with the blush on your faces!

Extreme experiences in different positions - a gift for your husband on the 1st wedding anniversary, which guarantees a sudden increase in adrenaline!

Maybe you will go all the way and on the occasion of the first anniversary of your wedding, you will realize your most extreme dream? Bungee jumping, parachuting, supper in the sky or maybe you will reach the summit?

Especially this last option seems to be tempting... Regardless of the season, your physical condition or age, you can come out of your own comfort zone and break the routine hidden under the duvet. Such a gift for your husband on the first wedding anniversary will make you look at the relationship that connects you in a completely different way...

In the end, getting the top of your own possibilities in completely new positions is a real challenge! A Kamasutra book will be nothing compared to what will happen in your bedroom ... And most importantly, it will be a gift that will please every couple!

You will need a proper outfit to climb. Original bodystocking with a wing motif will add you lightness! We are sure that this outfit will not only you help to rise to heights! It’s very likely that your man will reach the top first ... Well, this time he definitely has the right to do so! The deep neckline exposes the breasts, the delicately translucent material reveals details and makes men's emotions reach the zenith! It’s really hot, yeah!

A gift for your husband's 1st wedding anniversary - which scenario do you choose?

We hope that the forms of spending your first wedding anniversary that you can put into practice on this special day will make you both happy!

We have also prepared a small surprise for you - for each couple who decides to celebrate their first wedding anniversary according to one of the three scenarios that we have described, we have a 10% discount for the articles listed in the text!

Write in the comment the date of your wedding and the attraction planned for the anniversary! We will be very pleased when you choose the Obsessive brand as a companion of such an exceptional event in your life!

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