There’s something magical about lingerie. We discover it every time we look at the photos you tag us in on Instagram. We love your ideas – how boldly you combine all those fantastic lace bras, bodysuits, and bodystockings with the clothes you wear every day. We admire your fashion intuition that lets you innovatively show peignoirs, and surprise us with how you style babydoll chemises. 

Sometimes we even get a little jealous that we weren’t the ones to come up with such an idea. Most of all, however, we’re glad that what was created in our studio gives you so much joy and that you are as obsessed with lingerie as we are!

We can humbly say that it’s difficult not to be obsessed with fashion. After all, sets made of the most delicate lace, tempting bodysuits, or coquettish babydoll dresses are impossible not to admire. All the more so that each product from the Obsessive collection can be romantic, spicy, sexy or elegant, classic or bold...

A master of photography, Marcin Tyszka – one of the best Polish photographers whose photo shoots appear in fashion magazines all over the world, showed various faces of the Obsessive lingerie in “Twój Styl” and “PANI” (leading Polish fashion magazines). For over 20 years, Marcin Tyszka has been photographing the most beautiful and fascinating women in the world: models, actresses, artists – real personalities. He is able to bring out their element of femininity and capture their changing nature in photos like no one else. Sometimes he shows the fire deeply hidden in them, other times – a romantic, reflective nature. 

However, he always depicts their strength and the truth about them in his photos. This time, during a session for “Twój Styl” and “PANI”, Marcin Tyszka photographed Edyta Zając – a model of stunning beauty, who is also beautiful on the inside, has a fascinating personality and the ability to turn into a real chameleon in front of the camera lens – wearing the most beautiful models of our lingerie.  

Sometimes she is subtle and delicate. Other times bold and passionate. She is always confident. Exactly like the women who buy and wear Obsessive lingerie. We gladly entrusted this extraordinary duo with Obsessive lingerie, and they conjured up unusual outfits and... real magic. The Lashy peignoir made of delicate black lace has always been the quintessence of sex appeal for us, but worn with the Klarita bra and high-waisted panties from the same line, it has become part of an elegant set. The pink Luave bra revealed its romantic nature in Marcin Tyszka’s photos (although it hasn’t ceased to stimulate the senses and the imagination). Edyta Zając wrapped her mint lace bra in a beige sweater and we immediately thought that it was the perfect duo for autumn and winter evenings. The sexy Yassmyne top became even more flirtatious when she put on a sexy lace peignoir from the same line over it, at the same time showing that navy blue has the same power as black.

The beige and black shimmering Nudelia top went perfectly with the pencil skirt made from shiny satin, and the animal print Giulia bodysuit, which gives a “WOW” effect on its own, worn under a classic blazer for a night out made us speechless with astonishment. 

The readers of “Twój Styl” and “PANI” have already had the chance to see this dreamlike photo shoot that is the effect of their work together, and now we proudly present it on our website.  

We hope it mesmerizes you, inspires you to experiment with Obsessive lingerie, and most of all, that it makes your fashion obsession stay with you for a long long time. 

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