Hi Guys! Do you like board games or card games? Once again we are coming to you with something cool! We have prepared several suggestions for spending free time together, in a very entertaining, but also very sensual way. Keep scrolling and you'll learn how to spice up your game night!

Sexy words

Who doesn’t know the Scrabble game. Letters create various words on the board. But, wait... let's change the rules a bit. Just the two of you, looking deep into each other’s eyes, each of you has only one thing in mind, but there was an agreement – tonight you’re gonna play games. How to combine entertainment with love games? Spicy Scrabble! In this game, only words with a slight erotic context come into play. Something that you associate ONLY with sexy experiences. Can you have fun like that? Oh, for sure! During the game, with each word, you will not only turn each other on, but perhaps you’ll discover your innermost, bed fantasies. Go ahead!

Say ,,Hey’’ it’s time to play!

We have created this game for your pleasure. As you know, we don't like routine – this little, silent killer of long-distance relationships. So, we have created a very sexy couple game. The rules? Person who starts says aloud "XYZ" and then says the whole alphabet in his/her thoughts. Second person says "STOP" and the first person tells the letter of the alphabet that he/she stopped at – this letter should be the first letter of each word in the table. But we added a pinch of spiciness to the categories. What can warm up the senses, what gives you pleasure, or... what’s the best place for a love play? You know the answers to these questions, and now it is up to you how hot the gameplay will become! You can print the game with the link below:

LINK: https://www.obsessive.com/download/Say_Hey.pdf

A well-known and loved card game!

What do we mean by a loved card game? Strip poker! We like it as much as you do. Here you don’t need the user manual, because you know how to play it for sure (everybody knows it ? ). If you are lucky, you can enjoy amazing views – your opponent will get naked or at least half-naked. However, if you have no luck in card games, you will become this sexy and naked opponent! So we hope that the game will run as it should – cards on the table, panties down!

A delightful board game

Our next, original idea. A board game for two, which will warm you both up right away. You won't get rid of blushes so easily. This is a challenge for really hot players! All you need is a dice, two counters and… some naughty thoughts. Roll the dice to begin the adventure full of tempting challenges. Make sure you’ll open the wine first – starting from field number 1. The farther you go, the more interesting the game becomes! You will reveal your innermost fantasies, discover the power of sexy Obsessive lingerie, you will kiss, undress, massage... ups! We have already told you too much! Click on the link below, print your favourite (from today) board game and start it! Who will be the first to reach the finish line?

LINK: https://www.obsessive.com/download/Come_closer.pdf

Obsessive - Game night – spicy versions of famous games!

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