Christmas is just around the corner, and you still don’t know what kind of a Christmas gift will delight your loved one? We’re coming in with some ideas! In a moment you’ll find out what will work best as a gift for a woman – the elegant and classy woman and the ​​one who loves to feel sexy. Read carefully. You’ll become an expert in the field of Christmas gifts!

Many women believe that sensual Obsessive lingerie is the best gift for the upcoming holiday season. Choose a gift for your beloved that will warm you both up. A gift that will please a fan of lace and… a fan of jewelry! Yes, our underwear has it all!

So, getting straight to the point, we’ve prepared a short overview of our best sellers that will surely appeal to her! Come on, choose the perfect Christmas gift!

1. Gift for a woman – red underwear ignites the senses

Our red lingerie collections, full of love, are classics enriched with a bit of spice. Just imagine: you’re giving her this amazing Christmas gift closed in a special box that arouses her interest at first sight. The tension builds up. She looks inside and smiles gently and then you know… you bought the best Christmas gift ever! The red colour of the lace makes her blush and her eyes shine even more brightly than usual. Can you guess how this special holiday evening will end?

Instead of dreaming about this wonderful situation, you can make it real. A sensual set or a feminine chemise? Or maybe a subtle teddy? You decide, you choose.

Take a look at the red chemise from Jolierose collection, perfect for a large bust. It will fantastically emphasize the feminine shapes. The phenomenal 838-SEG-3 set is a classic in a modern edition, and our hot Lovlea babydoll… well, at first sight you can see – boredom has no chance to win!

2. For a fan of blings and jewelry

If you are a fan of small gifts – you've come to the right place. These unusual accessories will perfectly complete your Christmas gift. Body jewelry from our Bijou collection is definitely a unique and extraordinary Christmas gift in which your loved one will shine brighter than stars in the sky! What choice do you have? Necklaces, jewelry harness and... unique handcuffs!

Whatever you’re going to choose, your Christmas gift for her will certainly be out of the ordinary…

3. Best Christmas gift ideas – nightwear for a woman

A satin bathrobe or an exclusive peignoir? A sensual nightdress or a subtle set in classic black? Still hesitating and don't know what to choose for the perfect Christmas gift for her? These classic proposals are the best sellers that millions of couples love! Women love beautiful nightwear and believe us that your woman will also be delighted with such a unique gift under the Christmas tree!

If your woman is the personification of elegance and style, choose something that will perfectly emphasize her character. Unusual, shiny material and classic cut – Laluna set definitely deserves a special place under the Christmas tree. This collection will also tempt you with other sensual proposals, such as a chemise or a naughty teddy. It's hard to decide, isn’t it?

If your beloved's wardrobe is already bursting with Obsessive sets (yeah, never too much of Obsessive lingerie!), you can complete her collection with the sexy peignoir that we’ve mentioned before. Soft satin fabric with a delicate addition of lace or… just a lot of lace! We’ve got many sensual bathrobes, in various colours and styles, so the choice is really huge.

What makes a peignoir a unique and, most of all, the best Christmas gift? You don't have to choose the size as precisely as in the case of a bra. See what we have here:

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