To be someone else for a moment…. To fulfill your (or your partner’s) innermost fantasy... There’s never been such a Hallo-win! Oh, nothing stimulates creativity and imagination like Halloween. Horror movies, pumpkins, spiders, kids playing tricks on their neighbors... It all has its own unique charm.

More and more people are celebrating Halloween, looking forward to October 31st. But let’s be clear – the best thing about that night is the dressing up part and nothing can beat that. We at Obsessive love it, and I don’t think we need to convince anyone that it’s true – just look at the increasing number of the sexy Halloween lingerie in our collection!

Make (not only) your dreams come true 

It is true that research shows that the vast majority of men believe that a naked woman is the sexiest, but we suspect that if you showed men our collection of dress-up costumes, everyone would find something in it that they’d like to see their lover in. There’s probably no man out there who has never fantasized about being questioned under the blackboard by a sexy physics or math teacher, hasn’t wished to be examined by a passionate nurse, or dreamt of a long flight with a sensual stewardess on board. And if there is such a man out there somewhere, we hope that his partner is reading this and in a dozen or so days she will have a chance to see what it’s like when passion explodes and the atmosphere in the bedroom reaches its zenith - after all, Halloween 2021 is around the corner!

Halloween lingerie

Although some people were initially skeptical about Halloween, now they seem to be waiting for it all year. October 31st is traditionally a date that’s marked in red on the calendar. Going to a Halloween costume party requires a lot of preparation: from coming up with and preparing an outfit, to putting on makeup, and getting your hair done. It’s completely different when you’re throwing a Halloween party… for two. You won’t have a lot of preparing to do here – everything that you need to feel like someone else in the bedroom for a moment can be found in the Obsessive collection. Has he always dreamt of you turning into a sexy kitten in bed? Nothing easier, just put on one of our spicy women’s Halloween costumes - the leopard print Leocatia or Gepardina costume. Has he been complaining about not feeling well? A sensual nurse in the Emergency outfit will even have a stethoscope during the home visit! Does he like cleanliness? Excellent, because we have several sexy Halloween maid costumes in our collection and – we can immodestly say – each is more sensual than the next. Or maybe your partner is guilty of something? He needs to watch out, because as a hot policewoman in the Police outfit you can handcuff him too (we have several types to choose from).


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Which costume should you choose for Halloween? 

There’s still some time left until this year’s Halloween, so you can use this time to ask your partner about his fantasies and make his dreams come true. Or maybe that night you’ll want to fulfill your own fantasy? To be a student for a while, but in a veeeery naughty version. We have plenty of sexy Halloween ideas to choose from, including a vampiress straight from Twilight, a sexy devil, or a boss who hates objections in the bedroom. Or turn into several characters in one night! Think about what you’re in the mood for, the role you’ve always wanted to play, and let your imagination run wild. Listen to what your imagination tells you and put it into action. And when you do get ready for that one night of the year, remember to take a picture of your Halloween makeover….

We hope that after amazing haloween weekend you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated for even more dress-up play. After all, who said that you can be a sexy secretary, seductive Slavic girl, or passionate bunny only one evening a year?

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