Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue... is that all you need on this special day? We often focus on a beautiful dress, jewelry, we test run our make-up and hair, but we forget that what is underneath also matters, and it matters a lot!

The history of bridal lingerie

Over the years, wedding lingerie has evolved to meet customs, conventions, and fashion trends. Today it is to serve the bride and emphasize her assets.

At the beginning of the 20th century, underwear was not what we are used to today. Back then, women wore loose petticoats and the so-called pantaloons reaching to the knees. Wedding lingerie was practical and comfortable. Something sexy was only to dream of. It was not until the 1930s that the approach to the construction itself began to revolutionize. At that time, the pantaloons were shortened, because shorter dresses became fashionable.

Some time later, in the 1950s, designer Christian Dior launched wedding dresses that included corsets at the top, so they held up what they were meant to support. The 1960s were provocative and more “playful”. It was then that push-up bras were created, and underwear began to reveal more than cover. The 70s and 80s saw the fashion for lace, silk, and more and more luxurious lingerie sets in bold colors. Those were the types of sets brides would buy with their wedding night in mind. In the 90s and 2000s, underwear came to the fore. Thongs that brides bought for this special day and night reigned supreme...

Each model needs a frame

Each wedding dress requires the right underwear. There is no perfect solution for every type of dress. And we know very well that a wrongly chosen one can spoil the final effect. One thing that is universal is color! Brides should choose flesh-colored or ecru shades. In many cases, white, which we most often associate with the bride, will also work. The most important, however, is the right cut, which should expose and emphasize what is good and mask what the bride intends to hide.

The best choices for the most popular styles of dresses 

Dress with bare shoulders 

For such a gown, all strapless bras or those with detachable straps will work best. If the top of the dress is a corset – you can do without a bra.

Backless dress 

In the case of such a cut, we don’t want anything undesirable to stick out. It is best to choose a self-supporting bra, which, despite the lack of straps and fastening, keeps the bust intact. You can also go for a corset with a confidently cut-out back. In our collection you’ll find the 810-COR-2 model, which exposes the back very well.

Dress with a plunging neckline 

If your dress emphasizes the cleavage – choose a push-up bra that beautifully holds up and shapes the bust. From our offer, we recommend the 871-SEG-2 underwear set, which is perfect for dresses that focus on the bust.

Mermaid dress

This model is one of the most frequently chosen by modern women. A strapless shaping teddy or a classic, beautifully decorated corset will be perfect for this cut – it’ll emphasize the waist and emphasize the breasts.

We choose a bit differently for the evening...

Buying underwear for this special day is one thing, but you should also keep that special night in mind! Lingerie for your wedding night must be truly spectacular.

Corsets, teddies, sexy nightdresses... There are many possibilities. It all depends on our fantasies and preferences. In the Obsessive collection you will find plenty of subtle and sensual items, as well as those slightly bolder ones! Why not go for something crazy and playful that night? This is probably the right time to surprise your chosen one!

Especially keep in mind the new product in the collection. Uniquella is a three-piece set, matching S813 stockings, and an alluring thong. And jewelry is a must – you can find it on our website.

I don't think we need to convince you that Obsessive is the best place to shop for a bride-to-be!

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