Summer is a period of the year when we have much more time and energy to have fun. We want to enjoy the fresh air and favorable weather, so we usually move our partying outside.      A pool party, garden party, BBQ, bonfire or a party on the terrace – these are the activities we usually go for. The days are longer and nights are hot, so maybe you’ll also choose to organize a summer party at your home?

1. First of all – it’s the idea that counts! Think about what type of a party will suit your guests best. Adjust its theme to their age and interests. If your friends spend every weekend by the water, why not suggest a pool party? Obsessive swimwear will be the best choice for this type of event.

If you have barbecue fans among your friends – an American barbecue party will be a bull’s eye! You can also go for themed parties, for example in the style of the French Riviera or an Italian pizza party!

2. Prepare a guest list. Summer is a vacation season, so your guests should be informed in advance about the planned event. Prepare an invitation graphic, you can easily create one on your smartphone using free mobile apps. Ask guests to RSVP by giving them a few days to think about it, and define a dress code (for example, swimwear) or the color that will reign at the party (white if you're organizing a white party, etc.).

3. Once you know how many people will be attending your party, create a menu and a shopping list. The guest list will help you figure out how much food and drink you need.

Also, be sure to check if the guests are vegetarians, vegans or people who have to eliminate certain products from their diet due to food intolerance. So if you want the party to be successful, do a dietary interview!

4. Remember that it’s the props that create the party atmosphere. When shopping, be sure to stock up on napkins, flowers, and candles – these accessories will do well at any type of party. If you’re thinking of a theme party, look for inspiration on the Internet. There are tons of stores that specialize in selling original decorations. The accessories you put on as the hostess of the party will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere. We recommend extremely original jewelry that falls on the hips and perfumes with pheromones...

5. Let your neighbors know in advance that you’re throwing a party! If you want to maintain good relations with your neighbors, it’s worth informing them about the planned event. Post an announcement in your building – it may be in the form of a joke – or call a few days in advance.

6. Prepare your outfit! Put it together according to the nature of the event. Depending on its subject, you need a suitable outfit.

For the aforementioned pool party, choose a phenomenal bathing suit over which  you can throw, for example, a kimono. Caribella with an expressive animal motif or the blue Scarleta will be perfect and make a spectacular impression on your guests!

If you’re looking for an even more expressive styling, check out the suggestions of our fellow fashion experts! In IGTV on our Instagram page you’ll find a lot of inspiration from Anna Męczyńska, Lidia Kalita and Łukasz Kędzior – Lukebook. Soon, more versions of our #modowaobsessja series


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7. What kind of party would it be without good music? It’s worth putting together a playlist to play during the party. Streaming music services that offer ready-made thematic playlists (80s music or summer hits) make things a lot easier nowadays. A few seasons ago, vinyl records and turntables returned to favor. If you want to surprise your guests, go for vinyl music!

8. Surprises are always welcome! To surprise your guests even more and help them integrate, plan an evening attraction! It can be a game to play together (twister or charades), a dance or a vocal performance. If you have someone among your friends who can show off their talent, ask them to prepare a mini-recital or a performance.

9. On the night preceding the party, try to get a good night’s sleep so that you wake up in a good mood and with lots of energy. You have a lot of work to get done that day, and in the evening you have to be in good shape and look beautiful. Plan the day to make time for yourself. You’re the one throwing the party, so you need to shine!

10. Make sure that each participant feels comfortable. Acquaint the partygoers with each other, briefly introducing each person entering. It is your responsibility as the host of the party. The first ice will be broken and all that’s left is to have fun!

We wish you beautiful and unforgettable parties this summer! Show us how you have fun together and tag us on Instagram!

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