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Christmas is a time of relaxation and rest. Often, unfortunately, they are also conducive to the creation of so-called "excess kilograms". Although the beloved body is never too much, the perspective of fitting into the New Year's Eve creation makes us jump pressure. We know these emotions very well!

You are not the only one who has been sleeping around on holidays. Cheesecake, roast turkey, roast potatoes - they are all delicious! Fortunately, we have for you a few proposals that will allow you to lose unwanted kilograms quickly and once and for all stop bothering yourself with questions "how many calories do we burn a day?", "how to burn calories quickly?" Are you ready? Well, here we go!

Kiss me to the end of life...

Do you know how many calories we burn during both every day and hot moments for two? An intense one-minute kiss guarantees a loss of 20 calories. Only counting, 5 kisses is 100 kcal - the same as 20 minutes of gymnastics. However, to burn a piece of cheesecake, it is not enough. You have to try harder... Do you know how many calories you burn during sex? Here, according to research, the position is important. In the more classic one, you will lose 41 calories per minute. In those more complex and demanding acrobatics, even 71 kcal in 60 seconds! 

At this rate, a portion of cheesecake disappears from your calorie counter after just 4-5 minutes! If you also decide to warm up the atmosphere and wear a sexy Christmas set, you will probably achieve an even better result! A detachable hoodie adorned with delicate fluff and a snowflake pendant will guarantee you a phenomenal look, and an open cut babydoll will emphasize your curves and waist. You will also get a matching panty in the set. Your beloved will not forget Santa Claus for long! It is interesting how many calories you will burn together...

Bodystocking at mom's for dinner?

Do you know the game called "Who will last longer"? In one position, without blinking an eye, without speaking. There are many possibilities. This time, however, we offer you a slightly spicier version. 

Just before going out to a Christmas family meeting, let your beloved know the secret. Show him a piece of lingerie you are wearing. Our spicy bodystocking is perfect for this occasion. A large neckline makes it possible to hide them under any creation. Cabarettes will match both the dress and trousers.

Meanwhile, what's best for your beloved will remain a sweet secret... Can you imagine his emotions that will grow while sitting at the table together? You know precisely what his head will be occupied with! Questions about work, future plans or New Year's Eve will be nothing compared to what he would like to ask you! Who do you think will last longer without a passionate look or a gentle touch? 

When you're finally left alone, and your beloved sees you in bodystocking, which beautifully exposes your shapes and models your figure, you can be sure that there will be a real volcanic eruption! Thanks to this, the questions like "how to burn calories quickly?" or "how to lose weight by New Year's Eve?" will not concern you at all... You know why?

Instead of cheesecake, a mini skirt...

This option is also ideal for Christmas time! After all, the winter weather outside the window and the mini skirt are a simple way to... warm up together! Maybe in a bath? Obsessive cosmetics are perfect for this occasion. Bath bombs and massage oils full of pheromones in as many as three sensual scents - sexy, spicy and fun. So, invite your beloved to the world of water pleasure and discover your tender places and desires anew! Shared bath or massage is a guarantee of extremely frivolous moments for two! You will agree with us, won't you? Of course, feel free to let your imagination run wild! After all, the action this evening can move to other rooms in your home... Bedroom, living room, kitchen... Apparently, appetite grows with eating. So, it's worth checking if yours is too! You don't have to worry about calories - you will burn them at an express rate!

Eeny meeny miney-moe - unbutton the button...

If you spend Christmas together, we also have some exciting ideas for you. After all, watching Kevin for the tenth time will certainly not be anything exciting. You'd better try to get more adrenaline... An excellent idea for Christmas for two is to play with costumes. A sexy maid's outfit will undoubtedly warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom, and a pre-premiere visit of a naughty bunny will make every holiday remember for a long time. You can also fly far away from here as a stewardess! If you like this scenario, choose one of our obsessively beautiful stewardess costumes and surprise your beloved with spontaneity, courage and sex appeal. 

How do you think you'll choose to burn calories after Christmas? Warming up the atmosphere together and a sexy challenge will make your relationship blush! Obsessive style holidays will become unforgettable and will make the dilemma over the number of burnt calories forgotten...

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