Your dating and evening meetings are always preceded by a few hours of preparation. Sophisticated styling, perfect make-up and hairstyle, sexy underwear... With this style, you can conquer the world! It's wonderful to make an impression and see the admiration in the eyes of others.

But then you return home and from a sexy kitten, in a few moments, you turn into a homemade lazy girl. Pins and stockings are transformed into a tracksuit and a T-shirt. Ehh, we know it all. And apparently there is nothing wrong with it - looseness and comfort are also welcome... But why, when walking around the house, we look briefly in the mirror, instead of satisfaction, we feel a shadow of dissatisfaction? And where did the stunning beauty of the previous evening come from? Wondering how to look nice every day? Or maybe your dating has risen to a higher level and you stay at home more and more often than just for spicy evenings? So how to captivate with your appearance, not only at the big outings? How to look good every day? It's very simple! We have 3 simple and reliable ways for you to hypnotize your appearance even in the most prosaic, everyday activities.


We start with breakfast!

It doesn't matter if you serve it or get breakfast in bed, which still smells like night madness. Take 2 minutes to prepare for the celebration of this first meal. And it's not about welcoming the day with coffee and full evening make-up! After all, it has been known for a long time that naturalness is included in the price, and a woman, sleepy after playing together in bed, will melt the heart of the greatest man, even a hard one.

Try rather to celebrate the beginning of the day, focusing on giving yourself pleasure, also with your sensual appearance. Instead of walking around the house in a stretched T-shirt, which should have been thrown into the waste bin years ago, invest in something elegant, extremely comfortable, awakening the body with delicate material. Sexy chemise and delicate peignoirs is a set in which the morning coffee will taste like the one you could drink in the morning in the heart of Milan.

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Luvae - black peignoir Obsessive

Daily activities in the new release!

Do you think that we will encourage you to cook on pins and in naughty stockings? Hmmm, if you like it, of course! But you need to know one thing - no matter what clothes you wear if you are hiding sage lingerie! Then you feel like a queen anyway!

Many women say that the very thought of wearing a sexy garment, even completely invisible to others, makes them feel seductive, which in turn translates into their movements, gestures, facial expressions, and, of course, their humor.

Imagine your partner's surprise when you show a piece of sensual lace out of your sports clothes for a moment - for example, from this corset. Fancy and well-chosen lingerie is the best aphrodisiac.

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Contica - black gorset & thong Obsessive

Evening classes wrapped in a hint of mystery...

Usually, before you sail into Morpheus' arms.... or your partner’s, you spend several hours on routine activities such as the evening toilet, preparation for the next day or.... reading the chapter of a book you have started. Remember, however, that all this can be done in an outfit that leaves no doubt as to who is in charge here! So, choose something intriguing, which will not allow your beloved to sleep peacefully...

Sensual black is perfect for evening occasions. Sexy set and suggestive robe will make you become the goddess of the bedroom before you manage to enter it!

Remember that not only great outings and dating are occasions to wear elegant and sensual underwear. Real ladies never can be surprised by men in stretched shorts and badly matched bras! And it's not just about making a good impression on others, it's all about the sense of beauty, comfort and luxury that you should make for yourself every day, because like no one else you're worth it!

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