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Sounds a bit surreal? But it’s here! An exceptional situation requires unique solutions. So we’ll share with you our Obsessive ideas! What to do at home together? How not to be at each other’s throats – but be happy with each other instead? We have our proven ways to do it!

As you know, being in each other’s company for too long can result in a headache, and the headache is not an ally in the bedroom. To avoid it, don’t look for ideas for isolation, but try to enjoy the time you spend together and see that it can be really cool! After all, this is probably the first time in your life, when you have to be with each other 24h/7. So it's worth to enjoy this time for 100%. Read on, and then go wild with your loved one…

Less talk, more hugs!

Do you feel overwhelmed with each other together 24h/7? The nervous atmosphere is in the air? Dears, you can't avoid each other forever! Try to go for a compromise that will improve your mood. Are you working from home and your home office is too small for both of you? Remember about a good space and time organization. Let each of you have your own corner which separates work from pleasure. It's fun to have a hot office romance – this opportunity may not appear again! However, if you don’t feel like introducing this kind of a sexy play, try not to disturb each other or even notice each other. Why? Because you’ll have time to start missing your loved one and later – you’ll have a lot of interesting topics to talk about. And when you finish your intense discussion... well, without unnecessary talk – it's time to jump into Obsessive! Swim on a wave of love and enjoy these exciting moments. Ready?

Cinema night or movie night?

You’d like to watch a movie, but going to the cinema is not possible? No problem! Romantic comedy, action movie – Netflix gives you unlimited choice in every category. However, what can you do if you are bored with another season of the series and you can’t find anything interesting? Maybe you’re in the mood for... adult movies? In your comfy home, you can organize that kind of movie evening, and there will be plenty of hot, intense action! You’ll find some suggestions in one of our previous articles. Check them out and make a naughty plan for the evening.

It's never too late for a little bit of fun, so turn on something spicy and experiment in bed! Let him be a sexy director. You can practice your cat's moves in front of the camera. The temperature will be extremely high if you decide to record your own movie full of erotic sensations! It will definitely resolve a film choice issue for many next evenings. Playing can be far more exciting than watching, so… lights, camera, action!

Home SPA

Maybe you wanna... go to the SPA? Home SPA of course! What's the best advantage of this? You can play together in a bath tub or during the shower and no one’s watching! Here, just like in the bedroom, Obsessive comes with some hot stuff! After a hot bath, it's time to relax. The atmosphere will be turned on by a tempting massage which gives a lot of pleasant sensations and ignites the senses. Each of you can do the massage and each of you can enjoy it! Feel the sweet scent of pheromone oil in the moist air. Get ready for a delightful evening finish!

Do you like Obsessive lingerie? In the company of sexy fragrance of our pheromone perfumes, you have a perfect evening on the horizon! Sounds exciting, right? It’s a #betterstayathome time, so it’s a perfect time to get a big supply of Obsessive lingerie (and Obsessive pheromone cosmetics) and enjoy great pleasure both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Ready?

It's important to like each other

You don't have to be perfectly matched to create a perfect relationship, but it's important to like each other! And love has nothing to do with it. Locked up at home, you’ve got a special test to pass. You’ll pass if you learn how to spend time together! Do you like naughty pleasures? Do you like to have a huge amount of love games? If so, maybe it's time to try out gadgets that will add some spiciness to hot evenings. Not only masks and gloves which are in great demand right now (?), but also crops, handcuffs and... sexy costumes! You have a lot of time and – after reading this text – a strong desire for sure!

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