Many of us ask ourselves this question. First, there were only rumors, later it was officially confirmed – the legendary series, Sex and the City will see more episodes. The scenes are being shot in New York and are said to finish in mid-September. The premiere of the 10-episode And Just Like That…, because that’s the title of this miniseries, is scheduled for the end of the year.

What will sex be like in the big city in our times? Will the marriage of Carrie and Mr. Big survive? Will the die-hard single, Samantha, finally settle down? And what about good old Steve trying to win back Miranda’s love? Finally – what will the life of the metropolitan women look like in times of a pandemic?

So far, little is known, but the Internet is full of gossip. They were fueled by the release of the novel Is There Still Sex in the City? last year. It was written by Candace Bushnell, the author of the original book, which turned out to be such a hit that today there is probably no woman out there who hasn’t heard of Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

For many of us, these four single women from Manhattan were not only gurus of fashion, but above all, of relationships, sex and... sensual lingerie. While most costume designers on movie sets trembled with terror whenever a bra strap accidentally stuck out from under an actress’ dress, Patricia Field, responsible for outfits in Sex and the City, treated underwear as an everyday piece of clothing. It is thanks to her that lace bras, asset-emphasizing corsets, silk bathrobes, and sexy marabou feather slippers are no longer something we only wear when we’re with our partner and only behind the bedroom door. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte went out for a night on the town in them, of course with their inseparable Cosmo in hand. Carrie Bradshaw posed for her book in a transparent, pink, ostrich feather-trimmed camisole. Miranda, after a one night adventure, walked around her apartment in a green bathrobe, with a fiery red balconette sensually sticking out from underneath it, and... a golden choker. Charlotte would wear her favorite string pearls and elegant satin slippers with her lace underwear, and Samantha, as the most liberated and brave one, owned a whole lot of erotic gadgets and costumes to seduce her new, often younger, lovers.

Although we still have to wait a while for the premiere of And Just Like That..., a few leaks from the set tell us that nothing will be as expected in this series. Carrie will be a divorcee fighting with her ex-husband Mr. Big over their fortune. But exporter and furniture designer Aidan Shaw is to return to her life. Charlotte and her husband Harry, parents of teenagers, will be experiencing a marriage crisis, and Miranda will be fighting over Steve whom she broke up with years ago.


And we have a hunch that all those sensual lace bralettes, satin chemises, and sexy maid outfits the girls keep in their wardrobes will definitely be useful once again.

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