bridal lingerie

It must be really special! Lingerie for the wedding night – the most beautiful proposals!

Preparation for your “big day” is a really exhausting time. The wedding hall, music, flowers, dress and suit, invitations. There are thousands of things to do. In all this, it is very easy to forget about what should really be a priority – about space for you both. Do you have already prepared lingerie for the wedding night? If so, congratulations on your planning skills! If not, don’t worry.

Most brides forget to prepare suitable lingerie for the wedding night, although it is actually one of the most important points of the day, intended only for you and your husband. When the wedding party comes to an end and you are finally left alone, it’s time to think only about more intimate way of celebrating…

What lingerie to choose for a wedding night?

There are several types of underwear in which you can feel special that day. In fact, you have a few options – if you ordered a modest wedding dress, you can choose an equally unobtrusive set of lingerie, and if you have a truly royal dress style chic – don’t give up this role also in the bedroom! You can also opt for a complete change of style, bearing in mind that every woman has at least two faces – one in relations with family and friends, and the other in the bedroom, designed exclusively for the beloved.

You can also use the style of underwear to refer to your wedding dress. Then choose a set of compatible lace motifs, fabric textures or a reference to the color details of your styling. Below we will present you a few proposals of wedding lingerie, from which you will be able to choose the one that will best highlight your advantages!

Prudent and romantic wedding lingerie

By nature, you are gentle, shy and not at all in your style are defiant creations? This lovely chemise for the wedding night should appeal to you. Delicate, nice to the touch mesh will subtly wrap your body. What’s more, adjustable straps and underwires will make it fit perfectly to your shapes. If you combine it with an elegant robe, you will also get styling for your first marriage breakfast. Remember that unobtrusive and classics set can confuse the guy as much as spicy lingerie.

Maybe you will choose a fairytale wedding night?

Your wedding night styling must be impressive! After all, this is one of the most important events in your life and…. a unique opportunity to turn into a fairytale snow queen – never ice queen! It’s all about lighting up your senses to the limit!

Classic wedding underwear with a little extravagance is something perfect for you! See our sexy corsets and pay attention to the one that is the quintessence of the style of the queen of night games. This richly decorated lingerie will make your husband will not take his eyes away from you. The right cut of lingerie will perfectly expose your curves. And if you dream of something more fancy, take a look at the white, seductive set, which will lead your recently married husband to madness and ignite all his senses!


Colors of desire – wedding underwear in an unusual version

Not a fan of white lingerie? Don’t worry! After all, during a wedding night it’s not about adjusting to the accepted standards, but about the closeness and joy of the moments spent together! Be sure to see our classic black proposals and seduce your husband in your favorite style!

Or maybe you dream of a sensual corset? You should know that it will lead your beloved to a loss of senses! Perfectly emphasized shapes, enticing lace and perfect adornments completing feminine beauty will make a really amazing impression on him!

The transparent chemise is also noteworthy. We assure you that after this choice during the wedding night you won’t fall asleep even for a moment! Very feminine babydoll with the sexy, open front will surround your body with a subtle mesh, and gently transparent, soft cups will make your breasts look really tempting!

If you would like to try something completely different, maximally crazy, brave or completely unpredictable, it is necessary to see our bodystocking, intriguing body and a playful set of Gepardina! Which one to choose? You decide! However, one thing is certain – such underwear for a wedding night is a guarantee of the eruption of emotions!

At the end we’ll tell you a secret – in fact, there’s only one “golden key” when you choose lingerie for the wedding night – everything is allowed, you’re the queen of the night!