Are you looking for an idea how to play dirty together? We prepared for you some tempting ideas how to spend time together with our amazing cosmetics!

There is nothing better than an evening full of pleasure with a hint of humor and the sweet scent of perfumes with pheromones in the air. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of time for each other or just a moment each day – don't forget to pamper yourself!
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You've got me baby on call!

Relax to the max? Invite your lover to a private massage salon! How to play then? Grab our Sexylicious, Spicyness or Funbulous massage oil, apply a little on your hands and gently massage it into your beloved's back. Feel the stunning fragrance and pheromones in the air. Now start “writing” sexy and naughty words with your finger on your lover’s back. Believe us, it will be amazing! And remember about role changing! Who can guess more words? That’s how you’ll choose a winner of this game. And of course the winner deserves a sweet surprise...

Obsessive massage oils

Hide and seek in the dark!

Do you remember playing hide and seek in your childhood? We have an adult version here – hide and seek without unnecessary clothes! P.S. it'll be fun if you turn off the lights! The game is simple. She’s wearing only… her favourite perfumes from our cosmetics collection (Sexy, Spicy or Fun) and she’s hiding somewhere in the dark. He counts up to 10 (sooooo slow). Tempted by the sweet scent of a pheromone perfume, he follows it to finally fall into her arms! Does it take too long to find her? One more dose of the perfume in the air should help.

Obsessive perfumes

Round delights!

Our next suggestion isn’t a typical game, but it’ll also give you a lot of fun! Challenge him and see what happens! Your man's task is to prepare something special for you – a bath with foam, enriched with the sweetness of Obsessive fragrances. We have three bath bombs in our offer: Sexylicious – it brings memories of sexy moments, Spicyness – filled with spicy sensations, or Funbulous – for really FUNtastic experiences. Let him also take care of the right atmosphere of the evening (maybe candles and wine). Now all you have to do is wait for the tempting invitation in the form of a photo of what is already waiting for you in the bathroom...

Obsessive bath bombs

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