Every woman has a secret. A spicy secret hidden in a drawer in the bedroom. Yes – black, lacy, sexy lingerie – we like to wear it under the clothes, and above all, we love to show it!

How about… adding beautiful colours to your lingerie collection? Believe us that juicy coral and delightful pink are perfect for you! Really! When you see what we’ve prepared for you, you’ll quickly spice up your love story with an intense, colourful experience!

Vacay in bloom?

Hey lovely it doesn’t matter what season of the year it is if you have summer in your heart! Full range of colours is exactly what you (and your man) need! Break the monotony of black and white. Now it’s time for electrifying shades and delicate pastels, but don’t worry, there’s also your favourite thing – lace. Be feminine and reveal your energetic nature!

Emphasize your strengths!

A sexy and incredibly comfortable thing in your wardrobe is? Yes, you guessed it – teddy! We have another gem for you and it will perfectly emphasize your body curves, show your feminine shapes and decorate the bust. You’ve been dreaming about this delicate lace and phenomenal style, right? And as you know, dreams must come true!

A special evening or a long-awaited trip ahead of you? Take a pastel-pink teddy with you. It fulfills fantasies like a magic wand. So you already know how to charm your man!

Pleasure limit

What? No way! Don’t worry, you can enjoy unlimited pleasure with us.We really have a lot of it, so take it easy. The only thing that occurs in a limited edition is this collection of stunning, colourful sets!

Your beloved 810 set in an amazing coral shade. It makes even the most boring evenings more enjoyable. Bra perfectly fitted to both full and small breasts – it will give you confidence and comfort, even every day. Anyway, we don’t need to say it. You know this set perfectly and you certainly know that it is one of a kind. And the new colour is… WOW!


Another set you love, in a completely new version! Frivolla – coral beauty. You know this set very well (black version), but there’s something you probably don’t know. The new colour is totally irresistible! And the sexy straps above the bust which fantastically emphasize the summer tan – absolutely amazing!

Would you like to try some intense pleasure? Try our intensely sexy set – Intensa – in a new colour of cherry tomatoes. Are you ready for this delicious mix of flirtation and spiciness? You’re here with us, so you’re ready for sure! Just look at these bows. They’re so alluring!

Get them all!

Can you choose one set or is the temptation too strong and you want to have them all? Check out all the limited editions in Obsessive store and get a fantastic supply of charming lingerie!

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