Hello Love! It's time for an unforgettable experience with incredibly sensual lingerie. With the new Lashy and Flowlace collections you will conquer your bedroom! The real sex appeal is hidden behind lace, delicacy and subtle charm – our new products definitely don’t lack that, see for yourself.

Beauty from head to toe

Do not associate a bathrobe with the hotel-style and colourlessness! Oh no, the era of sexy peignoirs is coming, and you don't necessarily need to wear underwear underneath them. Try out new sensations by putting it directly on your naked body. We guarantee that your loved one does not expect it.

The Flowlace peignoir has an amazing colour and lace pattern. It is slightly see-through, so it’s a bit of a spoiler of the beautiful shapes below it. Lashy peignoir? Just look at it... it makes you want to wear it. It has something predatory about it!

You are heavenly!

Believe us, once you buy an item from the Flowlace collection, you’ll want more! And there is a lot to choose from. A Tempting teddy, an airy babydoll or charming set will give you really special nights. You will shudder at the sight of them. You could write a book from the memories they’ll create! These are the feelings that Flowlace awakens. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s made of a material so delicate that you hardly feel it on your skin. You’ll look beautiful!

Black and lace – a perfect duo!

Lashy is a collection that not only meets your desires and fantasies, but also fits into the lingerie trends! The "eyelash" cut beautifully emphasizes assets  and makes the collection unique and full of lace! Plan an evening with this amazingly beautiful set. Maybe a little 'catch me if you can' game? Your loved one will surely catch you quickly, who would let escape such a view ?

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