Women's lingerie is the part of our wardrobe that must be as comfortable as possible, but it’s nice if it’s sexy too! Imagine that you’re coming back home from work, you’re tired, you look totally ordinary and suddenly… BOOM!

You’re taking your clothes off revealing the amazing lace that looks fantastic on your body. It makes you feel so good and it’s a hot surprise for your loved one! Then you look in the mirror and your face shows just one thing – it’s going to be a wonderful evening! His smile says that he already knows it ;) You’ll feel not only sexy but also comfortable. How is it possible? We'll tell you everything right now.

Laces everywhere!

Lace lingerie expresses more than a thousand words! Classic, yet still timeless! Lace seems to have a magical power of attraction. At Obsessive we know that it’s a great “aphrodisiac”. After all, what can be sexier than a lace lingerie set or lace panties that seductively emphasize your shapes?

Below you can see how our wonderful fans of our lingerie wear it on a daily basis.

Charming Nina chose the Delicanta collection for everyday styling. Delicanta is made of pleasant-to-touch lace in an energizing mint colour!

The Delicanta set also looks great in the fall style! A sweater that subtly falls down the shoulders and reveals the mint straps – it’s a perfect duo!


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Our knitted teddies and bodystockings can be combined with a jacket or cardigan! Our fan Natalie presents B119 teddy.


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Black lingerie always looks great! Especially when you show just a piece of it – mysterious and sexy!

A set for the brave girls? A see-through bodysuit or top plus something lacy and spicy underneath! For example the 865 set


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Another set perfect for everyday wearing is the 838 set available in two colours – black and red. You can see this set below – on a beautiful dancer Sylwia Madeńska.

A jacket always looks fantastic in every styling with sexy lingerie – e.g. with the elegant Amallie chemise! Karolina Wagner looks gorgeous in this set.

And finally, something hot for home office. Nobody said sitting at home has to be boring! Jump into sweatpants and a beautiful teddy. Working at home will no longer be that bad ;)


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