Obsessive New Year’s Eve!

This year’s New Year’s Eve will be like a firecracker! Entirely safe for life and health… Obsessive, tempting and inflaming the senses! You can’t buy one like this at regular fireworks stand. However, in our Obsessive store, we have quite a few of them! So, what do you order?

New year’s ideas 

Don’t you have an idea for New Year’s Eve breaks for couples? You don’t like balls, parties and you watch New Year’s Eve on TV every year? So, plan to welcome New Year’s Eve for two, but with a touch of unique atmosphere! One that does not exist by the sea, in the mountains or on a desert island. Just New Year’s Eve for two, full of unique moments and emotions that will stay in your memory for a long time. How to plan such a welcome to the New Year? Here are a few inspirations!

Ideas for New Year’s Eve at home

Plans for New Year’s Eve at home do not have to be limited to preparing snacks, buying funny hats, hanging up serpents and waiting for it to break midnight in front of the TV screen. Plan the activities that are the most enjoyable for both of you. 

How about a game of poker? Of course, the one for adults… We advise you to prepare two scenarios for the game just in case. If you win, you can give your beloved a task to do. For example, you can ask him to make a delicious dinner without any clothes, to prepare a bath in a bathtub full of foam, and you can also choose a massage. If you want to make a significant impression on him, get ready for this role. The costume of a sexy policewoman or a naughty schoolgirl? Which one do you think will be better and will encourage him to do the task?

However, if the wheel of fortune is not conducive to you and you lose, then, of course, you can rely on your partner’s fantasies or… offer him a massage as a reward. If you use our massage oils with pheromones, you can be sure that at midnight there will be hot fireworks in your bedroomFinally, you can celebrate the New Year in many ways, right?

New Year’s Eve ideas for couples

If you are wondering where to spend romantic New Year’s Eve, we have a few suggestions for you. Why don’t you plan a trip together for these days? If you are looking for a cosy atmosphere, away from the mass events in disco rhythm, choose a less popular place for tourists. Mountains, sea, lakes? No matter what direction you’ll choose, it’s important to be together – will you agree with us? 

New Year’s Eve is a perfect moment for a total reset. You can even not leave the apartment… Just room service on a high level and … a few gadgets from Obsessive! Do you know what you can’t forget? A playful guipure mask! Throwing him a spicy, coquettish look, you’ll warm up the atmosphere at express speed! So how about it? Are you going to flirt a little before midnight? Or maybe your beloved was naughty in the past year? You can even fit a sexy, playful crop under your pillow and surprise your man with a feisty spanking! Your New Year’s Eve warm-up with such a gadget will gain speed and bring you a lot of satisfaction… Do you want to celebrate your love all year round? Start on New Year’s Eve!

What to do on New Year’s Eve?

Remember that New Year’s Eve ideas don’t always have to be polite and boring. Sometimes they can be very naughty… Especially if you use Obsessive gadgets! There are many exciting ideas for spending New Year’s Eve. So, show your fantasy and organize an amazing evening with a lot of spiciness. Make your neighbours a little jealous! After all, New Year is greeted only once a year… Unless, in the beautiful costume of our stewardess, you cross the globe across and along. Don’t forget to take your beloved on this journey! Then your dream New Year’s Eve will turn into a unique and unforgettable adventure, full of love raptures, warming your relationship to redness! Take care of the menu full of aphrodisiacs, a glass of champagne and good moods! Romantic music and candlelight will create a perfect atmosphere. Do you already know what wishes you will make during your New Year’s toast?