For some time now, pheromones have been gaining more and more momentum. Their properties are supposed to help us increase our attractiveness in the eyes of the partner or improve our position in the group. So what are pheromones and do they really work?

That's nature!

Pheromones are naturally occurring aromatic compounds secreted by living organisms, including humans, used for non-verbal communication with others. They are the compounds that you unconsciously use in communicating with people. The scent of your body tells others about your attitude, your emotions, excitement, and fears. Your body scent has a huge impact on how others perceive you. Your skin emits substances that reflect whatever you’re experiencing inside. Scientific research shows that the emotions you feel affect how you smell, and how you smell affects others.

Your skin produces semiochemical (informational) compounds and sends them to your surroundings, informing others about your emotions, feelings, and mood. It's a kind of natural perfume that attracts people to each other, and it all happens on a subconscious level. This means that you’re not consciously aware that you’re currently under the influence of substances released by others. Likewise, others aren’t aware that you’re influencing them on a subliminal level.

Subconscious attraction

More and more is being said and written about how pheromones affect sexual arousal. Research has shown that pheromones can increase a person's attractiveness. The secretion of pheromones by men causes women to consider them more handsome and worthy of attention. Importantly, in the case of women, the secretion of female pheromones depends, among others, on the menstrual cycle – during ovulation, a woman is perceived as more attractive by men.

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Perfume with pheromones

We have already written about our perfumes with female pheromones and perfumes with male pheromones here and here.
Apparently, not every person is susceptible to pheromones, and in female and male relationships, apart from “chemistry”, feelings and intellect also play a very important role, but you’ll never find out if you don’t give it a try... It is said that in love and in war all tricks are allowed, so it's worth going for whatever is favorable to us. At Obsessive you’ll find both perfumes with pheromones and bath bombs with pheromones, and we have already talked about the things that excite guys the most.

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