They have a soft spot for clothes, but it’s underwear that they spend most of their money on. French women make sure that what they wear closest to their skin is beautiful, comfortable, and triggers the senses. When Netflix announced that the second season of “Emily in Paris” would be coming out this winter, the hearts of fashionistas (including ours) started beating faster. Thanks to Emily, we will once again feel even just for a moment as if we were the ones living on the Seine.

The Magic Of Paris

We will be strolling along the river bank and drinking coffee in one of those charming Parisian cafes on St. Germain frequented by French poets and artists years ago. We’ll be watching the breathtaking collections of world fashion houses under the majestic dome of the Galeries Lafayette. In the evening, we’ll meet up with a handsome Frenchman for dinner in one of the fancy restaurants overlooking the rooftops of the city and the Eiffel Tower flickering with a million lights. And most of all... we’ll get a peek of what Parisian women are wearing now.

Parisian Chic

Their style has fascinated women all over the world for decades. All we have to do is take a careful look at the history of fashion to see how much we owe to the French women and their courage in breaking conventions. For example Coco Chanel, who freed us, women, from tight dresses and dressed us in loose knitwear, and designed the chain handbag, so that we would have free hands. Today it’s no longer a surprise to anyone, but in her time it was a real revolution! Another fashion visionary, Brigitte Bardot, popularized flared skirts, navy-striped tops, and ballerinas that no one before her had dared to wear outside of a dance school practice room. While Ines de la Fressange, the most famous French model and Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, showed us that we can successfully steal fashionable pieces from men’s wardrobes.

French Fashion

Above all, however, the inhabitants of the French capital awe us with their nonchalant approach to fashion and… common sense. They don’t spend a fortune on something they’ll only wear once. They don’t wear something just because it has the desired label, they don’t follow the trends blindly (even though the most famous Fashion Week in the world takes place in the capital of France), and they are not afraid to break the rules of style. Yellow shoes with an orange dress? Why not! If they buy something, it’s because it will serve them for many years and it will match at least half of the things they already have in their closet. And certainly not because half the city is wearing it this season! They wear well-cut jeans, a classic t-shirt and sneakers, and a camel trench on colder days. All this pair with almost invisible jewelry and a classic handbag. Slightly tousled hair, as if they’ve just gotten out of bed. And makeup? What makeup? Instead of foundation, powder, and fake eyelashes, it’s beautiful, healthy, well taken care of skin. And when they walk the streets of Paris, on the one hand they look like the proverbial million dollars, and on the other, as if this look did not cost them even a tiny bit of effort in the morning.

More than one book has been written about the Parisian style, and many have wondered about its secret. Maybe the fact that Parisian women can play with fashion like no other and... somehow they manage to do it with only the so-called “Big Seven”, that is: a men’s blazer, trench coat, little black dress, navy blue sweater, tank top, perfect jeans, and a leather jacket.

Fashionable Underwear

The situation is a lot different when it comes to underwear – it’s a real open secret in France. Parisians don’t talk about it, and they certainly don’t show it (outside of the bedroom). But they have a real weakness for it and they buy it passionately. Insiders know that French women don’t compromise when it comes to underwear. For women who live in the country that liberated women from stiff corsets and gave them sensual bras, including the balconette model that beautifully emphasizes the bust (also known as ‘the Bardot’, named after Brigitte Bardot, of course), beautiful lingerie in the wardrobe is an absolute must-have. Beautiful, meaning what? Functional and original at the same time. Classic for the day, very spicy for the evening. Comfortable, but at the same time chic and awakening the senses – it is no secret that French women are one of the best lovers in the world!

Women’s Must Haves

Panties made of sexy lace, sensual meshes in the form of short babydolls, garter belts that seduce with surprising details, or bras that expose the bust – what is usually not visible with the naked eye is the most important element of Parisian women’s wardrobe. Black? Of course, it’s a classic that always looks phenomenal on the body. Colorful? Why not, after all, a bit of madness in the bedroom is more than recommended. “Whether you’re going on a blind date or your first romantic evening, your mission is to seduce” – it’s a sentence from a book titled “Parisian chic”. And just like that the Parisian woman will hide a sexy push-up under a simple black turtleneck, under a man’s suit – a lace corset and self supporting thigh highs, and under a small black dress – a strapless bra. And since the French style is admired by the whole world, it means there’s something in it. Therefore, instead of waiting to live in your dream apartment on the Seine, get inspired by it and use it in handfuls here and now, on the Vistula River. Apparently being a Parisian woman is a state of mind. And beautiful underwear only assists in it.

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