Sex appeal starts in your mind. Being glamorous – also. That is why Obsessive became a partner of this year’s Woman of the Year gala by the Polish edition of the women’s Glamour magazine.  

There is no better combination than sex appeal, intelligence, and a good heart. At Obsessive, we have always thought so. Every day we design lingerie that ignites the senses and gives women self-confidence, but we know perfectly well that the sexiest lace set or the most sensual bodysuits look the most beautiful when worn by a woman who possesses these three features. After all, sexy is much more than a nice body - it is accepting yourself as you are. Self-acceptance is something that gives a woman that inner charm that gives her eyes a glow and turns on men. Sexy, which has already been scientifically proven, starts in the head and affects not only our well-being, but also many other areas of our everyday functioning. It is the key word to a successful life.

scena z: Gabi Drzewiecka, fot. Podlewski/AKPA

Being sexy has nothing to do with having a beautiful body, perfect figure, or trendy clothes. It’s getting to know your sexual needs and not only that - it’s also about following them and having the courage to speak out about them.

It is also a sense of strength that comes from the certainty that we’ll be able to cope with every situation, even the most difficult one. It’s knowing that we don’t have to compromise or take shortcuts. It is the comfort of living in our own body the way it is, and taking care of it so that it serves us in the best possible way. It is doing good selflessly and from the heart in order to leave the world a little better every day.

scena z: Gabi Drzewiecka, fot. Piętka Mieszko/AKPA

Obsessive was extremely happy to be a partner of this year’s Glamour Woman of the Year gala, during which the special Glamour x Obsessive award, “Sexy is always a state of mind” was presented. This was the first such honorable mention in the history of these awards, and we are glad that it went to an exceptional woman - Gabi Drzewiecka, a Polish music journalist, presenter, and tireless advocate of the fight for animal rights. Gabi embodies all those features that are synonymous with being sexy for us at Obsessive. We admire her professionalism at work and a great heart for those in need. We appreciate her intelligence that goes hand in hand with life wisdom, diligence, and the constant pursuit for creative growth. We are in awe of her extraordinary beauty, unconventional approach to fashion, and positive energy that emanates to everyone around her. But most of all, we are inspired by her life path, which has proven more than once that the consistent pursuit of a goal combined with hard work is the best strategy for a successful career.

scena z: Katarzyna Dąbrowska, Gabi Drzewiecka, fot. Piętka Mieszko/AKPA

“Until I did several hundred interviews and proved that I knew what I was doing and that I was good at it, I’d been treated in the music industry with a certain kind of reserve – Gabi Drzewiecka told Glamour magazine. – I am proud of how far I have come in understanding that I’m a capable person, that I am professional and that I think highly of myself. Of course, I still have days of doubt when I put myself down, but at this point I know how to drag myself out of it. Apart from my relatives, family, and my partner Łukasz, who have helped me in this process, I have to mention Olga Kozierowska [a Polish journalist, founder of the Sukces Pisany Szminką organization], who for years has been cajoling me into believing in my own worth. Now it’s easier and better, although I’m not short of frustration. But today I really know what I’m worth and I won’t let anyone take it away from me”. We, proudly presenting Gabi Drzewiecka this year’s special Obsessive award, can only hope that there will be more and more women like her in this world.

scena z: Agata Brodzka-Kostrzewska, fot. Podlewski/AKPA

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