Plastic bag – friend or foe? Or maybe old friends, which we are simply used to and as we know, most of us don’t like to change our habits. Before the so-called "foil" appeared in common use, mesh bags, canvas bags, baskets, backpacks, paper bags or newspapers were used for shopping, and small purchases were bought "by hand".

A thin foil bag was first patented by Swedish engineer Gustav Thulin Sten in 1965, thus kicking off its dizzying, international career. Today we’re wondering what to replace this invention with.

Choose wisely

July 3rd is the international day without plastic bags, so if you have not done it yet, it’s worth giving up on them on this occasion and taking a closer look at your purchases, not only the groceries. If not a plastic bag, then what? The best choice is a reusable bag that we can use for a long time. We support this idea and thus we've got a special offer for you (from July 2nd till July 5th). Place an order over €40 in our online store and add a gift in your cart  our stylish, cotton bag.   

A purchase for years

Slow Fashion that has become so popular lately, does not mean giving up shopping, but well-thought-out, conscious choices and good organization of your wardrobe. Keeping the things that we actually wear (the rest can be given a second life). Going for better quality clothes and lingerie. They will serve us for a long time, not just once. It is also worth reaching for timeless designs that will work well for various occasions. Style is not only fashion or clothes, but most of all it’s lifestyle and values ​​that we present every day. 

Good quality above all!

We are Obsessive – a Polish brand with a long tradition and a headquarters in Poland. We produce underwear that is not only beautiful and sexy, but above all, of good quality. By choosing, for example, the pink, lace Luvae set or the sexy Rossita set, you can be sure that you will wear them for a long time. They’ll work on many occasions. You’ll feel great in them at work, because they’re soft and comfortable, but our lingerie is also fantastic for a date, because it's very sensual and seductive.

On our Instagram you can watch our inspirational LIVES. We show you how you can wear Obsessive lingerie with various outfits for various occasions. Slow fashion is about a responsible approach to clothing purchases – buying less, choosing better quality. This way the clothes and lingerie can stay with us for a long time and we can use them on many occasions.

At Obsessive we also pack our products in durable paper packaging that can be reused in a creative way...

Therefore, before you buy, think and choose wisely. Each of us has an impact on the world we live in. We wish you the right choices. Good luck!

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