Obsessive comes to the rescue of your empty closet again! There is never too much lingerie, and the next new arrivals must be in your hands! Extremely brave, super sexy and simply… beautiful - this is the whole Liferia collection. Lots of straps, divine black and amazing evening / night / morning guaranteed!

Polite or sinful?

Each of us has two faces, so do you. Sometimes you are an angel flapping your eyelashes, but you like to turn into a pretty devil too! We totally get it. For the second occasion, the Liferia teddy will do great, wrapping you around with its pleasant material and awakening your desire. I guess we don't have to talk about completely revealed breasts? Put the bodysuit under your clothes, wear it all day long, and do a sexy striptease in the evening - there will be fireworks!

Perfect couple means me and you and... Obsessive!

Who doesn't like to experiment? Why not be tempted by role-play frolics? Let your loved one be a massagist, and you are his hot client. Prepare grapes and red wine - scenery straight from ancient Rome. Plus your favourite music, beautifully fragrant body oil and Liferia set! Lie down and let him massage you. He will have to hold back very much to keep the hands off ?

How seductive can you be?

This time you can also put on sexy thongs and playful nipple covers! These two elements work so perfectly with each other that they form a duo perfect for mischief. Foreplay can jump to the next level, you will see for yourself how the Liferia collection works on the imagination - you will be sensual to the limit! Well… Have fun!

Spicy without limits!

Recently, our new products even surprise us with their piquancy! But that's what every love relationship is all about - new sensations! Liferia is a great companion to fulfill your fantasies. Take the course on shopping and see you, kisses!

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