A birthday present is sometimes a very tough decision to make. It’s not as easy as the one for Women's Day or Valentines, when we "settle everything up" with flowers. Both men and women face a difficult challenge on their loved one’s birthday, but today let's focus on men. So, if your challenge is “what to give a woman for her birthday”, we’re so happy to give you some advice below!

Not so simple

Flowers and chocolates? Of course, but only as an add-on. So, what else should be on your birthday shopping list? Let’s start with some classics. There’s probably no woman who doesn’t like perfumes. We suggest perfumes with… a nice surprise! She’ll like it and you’ll like it, too. What do we mean by the "surprise"? Seductive pheromones in our perfumes! She’ll love the charming scent and you’ll be excited to feel the pheromone perfume on her body. So, we already know that the first of our gift ideas will not only bring a smile to the birthday girl's face, but it will also give you and her a night full of hot experiences! Keep reading!

Ticket to the spa

Give her a ticket to the spa (home spa), where the most qualified masseur (that is you) will give her an unforgettable massage. Obsessive massage oil – add it to your hidden shopping list. If you want this night to be a delightful journey to the kingdom of pleasure – choose “Sexylicious” scent. Would you like to have a really spicy experience? That’s what “Spicyness” massage oil will give you! Or maybe you want to play in a sweet way? Choose “Funbulous” and have fun like never before! Everything noted down? Read on…

Star of the evening!

You want to organize a birthday party just for two, right? Remember to create the right atmosphere. Candles, dinner, wine and... Obsessive lingerie hidden in a beautiful box! This time, you are lucky because you can decide what you want to see on your beloved and how to make her feel like a million dollars. Have you already chosen or are you still hesitating? You know her best, you know what she likes, you know what she dreams of, you know what causes goose bumps on her skin that you adore so much! Elegant lace, very delicate satin, or panties with a spicy cut-out? Or maybe all of this? Whatever you choose, believe us, she (and you) will be pleased!

Sexily ever after!

All things planned? Noted down? Now it's time to act! In the link below, you’ll find everything you need before you start celebrating. Jump in and get ready for something amazing!

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