Go with us to the land of incredible delight. The new arrivals that many of you have been waiting for are finally here! Incredibly sexy harness accessories. You already know how to use them! Harnesses, handcuffs, garters, nipple covers and hip straps. Read on if you want to fulfill your innermost fantasies!

Can it get hotter?

A chest harness with choker is an accessory that will make your heart rate faster! There is no such thing in the world that would be more tempting... Unless the most beloved is in this outfit! Temptress! Yes! We're talking to you! Put on this amazing harness and taste the coldness of metal joints - take it easy, they will warm you up very fast. Adjust the leather choker to your neck, and the rest of the straps to your bust and go to the bedroom with self confidence and in amazing style!

Fulfilled fantasies

Playing a policeman and a naughty criminal takes on a new dimension. Let yourself be turned on, or take matters into your own hands! One thing is for sure - desire will be visible right away and your bed may not survive the fun! One more idea is on our minds - hide yourself and wait for the chosen one to come home... How a spicy evening it will be!

Wild passion

This is not the end of tempting experiences! Take a look at another leather like accessory. First, it emphasizes the neck and goes lower and lower to the waist, which it wraps sexily. Oh, you will arouse strong feelings in your partner! Put the harness on a see-through teddy  or just on your naked body - it will be a night full of excitement!

Go for it

You can choose amazing nipple covers for each set! The metal chain and leather endings are a perfect set for a hot evening together! Don't think about your limits – those only exist in your mind! Allow yourself for a total freedom, let a real naughty girl come out of you - we know that she is napping somewhere!

Spicy like never before

Truth? This is a truly unique collection - made for fantasies like yours! We wish you a lot of fun and wait for more new arrivals, because in Obsessive they are quite frequent.

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