This year we have been especially looking forward to the summer. After long months spent at home, we surely are seeking sun and a moment of rest, so we’re all ready to take a vacation. Fortunately, this summer, many tourist destinations are open again. We did an overview for you of the most popular ones.

There’s nothing else left, but to bring good mood with you, and a suitcase full of Obsessive lingerie and swimming suits, and you’re all good to go. Don’t worry, we will tell you exactly what to bring with you, so that you’re sure to get attention while visiting the most popular resorts.

Authentic Greek holiday

Greece, and primarily the Greek islands, are the favorite holiday destination of the Poles. Nice weather, beautiful beaches, sociable and open-minded people, as well as extremely fine cuisine based on vegetables ripening in the sun. Who among us doesn’t love a Greek salad with delicious feta cheese and olives, pita or tzatziki sauce?

Greece has two dominant colors - white and blue - like their national flag, and that’s also what their tourist towns look like. White houses with blue roofs surrounded by blue water really attract  attention. Swimsuit or lingerie in a Greek style is  the obvious choice here! Be sure to pack our novelty! Bluellia is a blue two-piece suit that fits perfectly with a white dress or tunic! With a golden tan, you will look like a Greek goddess. On the beach you will make a splash with the Cobalitca bikini or the one-piece Scarleta swimsuit.

The colours of Turkey

For many years, Turkey has been delighting and tempting tourists not only with excellent weather, but also with the taste of the Orient. This country is chosen as a holiday destination just as often as Greece. We love Turkey for the azure blue water, sandy beaches and atmospheric towns full of market stands with various items, as well as for the street-food,  reigned by real and unique-in-taste kebab. Turkey also has fabulous hotels with the cleanest and best-equipped swimming pools. So what should you pack in your suitcase to feel exceptional at the swimming pool in Bodrum or Antalya? Of course our big hit this summer! Playa Norte is a neon swimsuit with cut-out details that is loved by female influencers. Our sexy tangerine bikini - Miamelle will perfectly contrast with the turquoise color of the swimming pool water. Remember that the temperature in Turkey in July and August can reach up to 40 degrees.

For hot nights, we strongly recommend the Prima Neve satin set. If you want to pack a dressing gown, the airy, lacy and extremely sexy Lashy peignoir is more than enough!

Egyptian nights

Egypt closes off  our top 3 summer hit list. Emerald sea, golden desert sand and the African sun. What more could you want? If we add to this the openness and hospitality of the Egyptians - we have a perfect combination. Egypt’s hotel offer is extremely rich, so if you would like to see the Pyramids and get your tan on that will last all year round - the choice is obvious! We’ll suggest what to pack in your suitcase so that during your vacation you’ll feel phenomenal just like Cleopatra!

The Egyptian sand has a golden hue, so the perfect choice of bikini would be the golden Goldivia or the beige Hamptonella. If you are looking for a one-piece swimsuit, be sure to pack something with an edge. Cancunella is a choice of many trendsetters. Check out on our Instagram account, how it looks on the extraordinary beautiful Klaudia El Dursi. 

The high season in Egypt is very hot, but that won’t stop us from turning up the heat in the bedroom in the evening. All the more now that the sexy Astralya chemise that comes in a set with thong is among our new releases. Or maybe something like a babydoll?

The see-through and airy Sweetia will not take up too much space in your luggage. Even less space is needed by the Pearlove chemise with open cups. This is a proposal for the brave ;)

Let's know where you are heading this year. We can’t wait to see the stories about your trips. If Obsessive accompanies you during your summer break, make sure to tag us on  Instagram @obsessivelingerie. Have a great vacation!

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