Apparently summer is the best time for love? For a summer adventure? Why? It's in the summer that we’re relaxed, and have time for fun and pleasure. We’re more willing to go out and meet new people. We tend to wear more skimpy clothing and reveal parts of our bodies in a sexier way.

 In the warmer months we’re also more likely to reach for beautiful underwear, since it’s no longer hidden under layers of clothing, and often on the contrary – it becomes an element of our summer outfits, giving them more edge. Warm evenings and being open to fun give us more courage, and the summer aura a better chance for holiday love and meeting our other half.

Love hormone

The sun and beautiful weather stimulate our senses to act, and our skin secretes serotonin – the hormone of happiness. Spending the sunny summer days on a sandy beach, every person’s mind unwinds, thanks to which our libido increases. We stop thinking about our worries, people around us become nicer, and we become more friendly. We often start to perceive others as more fun, attractive, and kind, and we also feel more attractive ourselves, thanks to which pick-up lines become bolder as opposed to other seasons of the year. This kind of attitude is conducive to making new friends, flirting, and falling in love.

First impression

Apparently, the first 15 seconds determine what we think about a person and this impression stays with us for a very long time. 

And according to research, 3 seconds is enough to fall in love. Remember that not only men, but also women, are visual learners, and even if we don’t just value beauty in the opposite sex, at first we pay attention to looks and the aura that a given person has around them.


Summer is the perfect time to display all your assets, so you should bring them out skillfully. A tanned body looks beautiful in sensual lace that catches the eye subtly revealing itself from under a summer dress, or a sexy bodysuit that emphasizes your curves (we have already covered outfits for a date night. Let’s not forget about something that not only adorns women most beautifully, but also attracts the eyes of men, that is, a captivating smile.

But summer is not only about making new friends (e.g. with Obsessive) and holiday adventures, but also raising the temperature in long-term relationships. 

Who doesn't reminisce every now and then about the first holidays spent together and the love you indulged in at the beginning of your relationship? 

Maybe it’s worth using the favorable summer aura and positive attitude to make your partner fall in love with you again? 

Take advantage of the fact that the kids are either at camp or at their grandma's and warm up the atmosphere in your relationship. Get some sexy lingerie and surprise your husband (you can find hints on what to choose, for example, here and here. He’ll definitely appreciate it and your love raptures will be back not only in your memories. 

Use this vacation to fall in love with Obsessive, and more?

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