Swimsuit – where and how to wear? 3 sexy ideas!

When the summer is in full bloom, the sun changes the color of the skin to the one you like more, you already know that it’s time to turn of vacay mood. This time we will not write about lingerie. This time we will prove that a swimwear will be perfect not only on the beach, but also in casual everyday stylizations that you will love! Ready? Go!

Teddy in the summer version

You probably already know that you will find here swimsuits in neon shades, nudes or animal designs that perfectly emphasize your wild nature. Are you kidding us? You didn’t know? Then you have to catch up quickly as soon as you finish reading! Returning to the topic – you can choose for yourself a holiday stylization that beautifully highlights your strengths and makes you spend this holiday time in full comfort and feeling fantastic.

If you aren’t planning to go to warm countries and lie on a paradise beach under a palm tree, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a sexy swimsuit this year. One-piece swimsuits are perfect for long walks in the park or during meetings with friends. You can wear them with denim shorts or a bit more elegant – with a sexy mini skirt. Swimsuit worn as a teddy, it will also be perfect for a romantic dinner with a loved one, when in the candlelight you gently smile at each other planning the rest of the evening … Oh, we dreamed!

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Under the shirt

A white, linen shirt is definitely something that we must have with us during long hours in the sun. Do we also have fans of shirts worn for party style? You already know what matches this styling best – a comfortable bra in a color that will highlight your tan and look amazing, with the slightly translucent material of the white shirt.

If you don’t like cleavage, and you want to look fashionable and feel great, choose a bra from a swimsuit in neon shades. It won’t be in the foreground, but in this case it is its advantage. Under a t-shirt or buttoned shirt, it will give you a charm and will remind you of itself in a very gentle, unobtrusive way, which will surely attract the attention of other people.

Maybe you are a fan of deep neckline and you are looking for a bra with a slightly lighter shade that will go great with a white t-shirt? Colorful bras from our swimwear are recommended in this topic! In their company, the bust will be beautifully highlighted, and the adjustable straps will allow you to enjoy perfect fitting.

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In a sporty style

Do you like playing sports? Do you like beach volleyball, badminton or gymnastics in the comfort of your home garden? It would be nice to sunbathe at the same time, and at the same time feel completely comfortable and… colorful! You will find very fashionable, very neon one-piece swimwear ready for an active time! Sporty style does not take away their sexuality, it even adds it!

Feminine design will give you confidence and ensure an amazing look in the rays of the hot sun. Comfortable lacing, adjustments and elastic materials will allow you to fit the swimsuit to your body.

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