Wear it if you’re feeling loved or are in the mood for romance. Wear it when you’re ready for a new relationship or just need a gigantic dose of energy. Red lingerie enhances desire and stimulates the senses. And worn on New Year’s Eve, it guarantees happiness for the upcoming year. 

 Red lingerie acts as an aphrodisiac 

Men can’t help, but notice it when they see it, because after all, nothing makes them crave sex more. It gives women power and courage, and it’s supposed to guarantee success on dates, at prom, and when taking exams. For years, it’s been no secret that the color red has a special energy about it. 

Unique red lingerie 

So where did belief in the power of red lingerie come from? The story is very interesting: most likely in the Middle Ages women would wear red lingerie to ensure themselves happiness in love, and men would wrap their groins in a piece of red material. It was meant to protect them against witches who would come out to the streets at night and cast spells on men to deprive them of fertility just for fun. And though it’s hard to tell how true or false these stories are, in many countries it is still believed that red lingerie hasn’t lost its incredible powers. Especially on the eve of the new year. 

Red lingerie for luck!

If you happened to be somewhere in Italy in December, regardless of whether it was cosmopolitan Milan, bustling Rome, or a cute small town in Sicily – your eyes would surely be drawn to shop displays. Right before the New Year, the stores start to get filled with red lingerie and underwear: for both women and men, and of all different kinds and in all possible shades. There are the classic panties and sensual red bodysuits, lace bras, and sexy peignoirs

Different shades of red 

Light red lingerie is usually chosen by romantic women. Fiery red is perfect for those who are strong and self-confident. And wine colored lingerie looks gorgeous when combined with sexy black or bottle green. Italians believe that red lingerie worn on New Year’s Eve will grant you luck for the entire upcoming year. And because red is also a symbol of fertility, this tradition is taken especially seriously by couples who are planning a baby. There are just two conditions: the red lingerie should be new and it should be given to you as a gift. The whole idea is that on New Year’s you should wear it for the first time, so that whatever you put on has never belonged to you before.

It doesn’t matter what type of red lingerie you wear on New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s a garter belt, thong, babydoll, bodystocking, or stockings – if the red lingerie is supposed to bring you luck, according to the tradition it should be worn only on that day. On New Year’s you’re supposed to throw it away, although you gotta admit that in the days of zero waste and efforts to keep our planet clean, but also keeping in mind how hard it is for us women to part with beautiful lingerie, we can’t really say yay at the thought of that idea. 

Red panties – highly desired all over the world!

Italy is not the only country that attributes a magical meaning to red lingerie. It’s also worn by the Chinese on Chinese New Year, and those more superstitious basically wear it every day. In Turkey, the tradition of wearing red panties goes back to medieval times. It was believed that the color red protected the person wearing it against evil throughout the whole year, and on the day preceding the first day of the New Year it brought them luck. That’s why today, sticking to the tradition, Turkish women find red panties under the Christmas tree, and – we have to admit – we feel a bit disappointed that that custom isn’t alive in our country.

The color of happiness is red

In Mexico and Latin American countries on the other hand, shops are full of red, green, and gold (or yellow) lingerie before New Year’s Eve. Residents of those countries can decide for themselves what they wish for in the New Year. They put on red underwear to find love; green, gold, or yellow to attract wealth, and white – for peace. Whereas Brazilians have to do some serious lingerie shopping before the New Year. According to their tradition, if they’re at the beach on New Year’s Eve they have to go into the ocean and jump over seven waves (so that the water washes over the top of their head), while they say a different wish at every jump. And if they really want each wish to come true, they have to do each jump in a different color of lingerie. And so yellow guarantees wealth, red or pink – love, green gives hope, and white – peace.

In many Latin American countries people do cleaning right before midnight, because in accord with the tradition you have to get rid of the old in order to step into the New Year with a clean slate. For many women it’s a great excuse to rummage through the closet and part with the stuff that will no longer be of use to us. We’re also fans of a tradition that holds sway in Spain, Columbia, and other Spanish speaking countries. In order to attract travel in the New Year, the residents of some of those countries walk around with a suitcase all day, and others – go for a round around their neighborhood with it at midnight. We’d definitely pack red lingerie from Obsessive in it. It surely won’t stand in the way of luck, and if anything, it may only help. 

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