The story of a bestseller

The LASHY peignoir has become a real hit in the Obsessive collection, and we know why thousands of women have fallen in love with it. This story begins with lace. When it arrived at the Obsessive studio and we spread it on the big table where our projects are created, sighs of awe came from everywhere.

Lace lingerie – it’s exactly what you need 

We were enchanted by absolutely everything about it. Its deep black color that beautifully  contrasts the skin. Softness that snugs the body as gently as possible. The way it subtly reveals what we want to show, while cleverly hiding those spots that prefer to remain hidden. Its pattern – floral, but original, surprising, and completely non-obvious. And above all – the finish. Its professional name is “eyelash”, because it looks as if the edge of the fabric were covered with millions of flirtatious eyelashes. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that one glance was enough for us to know that something spectacular must be created from such unusual lace. Something that will seduce women, the customers of our brand. Something that will make them fall in love with this item in seconds and they won’t want to part with it – they’ll just want to wear it from dusk to dawn. We aimed to create something that hasn’t been created yet. And this is how the LASHY peignoir was created.

How to impress a man?

We’re not going to hide the fact that we’re extremely proud of it and that for us LASHY is an absolutely unique product. Neither are we shocked that as soon as it appeared in the Obsessive collection, it became a bestseller. We hear signals from all around that women absolutely love it, and it doesn’t surprise us at all. There’s probably no other peignoir robe that would have such an impact on the senses! When worn on a naked body, it’s gentle on the skin, and just looking at it is a feast for the eyes. LASHY simply makes an impression. On the woman that wears it, and on the man – because let’s be honest, when we design we also have in mind the man who’s next to his loved one. We want him to have the pleasure of looking at her, and be awestruck, literally devouring her with his gaze. LASHY has just that. That “WOW” effect that makes him unable to wait to see you.

LASHY instead of a cardigan? 

The fact that LASHY is comfortable and that it can be worn loose or tied at the waist with a satin belt will only be added as a formality. Just like the fact that it’s perfect not only at home and in the bedroom – it can be easily thrown over a little black dress or a white T-shirt and perfectly fitting jeans. In this combination it’ll work as an element of your everyday outfits. LASHY is simply extremely versatile and that’s why it has stolen your hearts.

A robe for a gift?

The LASHY peignoir will be a perfect gift for any woman who wants to feel even more beautiful. If you share our fascination with this lace, you’ll surely be tempted to get the entire 3-piece set: the elegant underwire corset bra, sexy thong, and sensual garter belt. Complete the whole with classic stockings and ah… sigh with us at the sight of yourself.

What’s next? 

In response to your requests, we have made two new collections for you, modeled on the best-selling LASHY cut. They both present beautiful shades of blue. Will there be anything else? We won’t be revealing that for now. But we can promise you that when it comes to lingerie that ignites passion, we certainly haven’t had our last word…