Is there anything more beautiful than the female body? I love us, Women, in every version, the slimmer ones and the fuller-bodied ones. I’m a fan. I went down my own path of self-acceptance and body-positivity and got my share of body shaming.

It all taught me a great deal of respect for my body. I am in awe of how much it has endured and how much it still has to offer me over the course of, I hope, for many years to come.

As you know, in my adult life I’ve probably gone through all possible sizes, from the children’s XS to XL. At each of these stages, I thought something was wrong with me, that I was either lacking something or I was too fat. It was only the experiences of last year that taught me a lesson. I started to appreciate and, most of all, love the body that I have.

At this stage, I don’t want to be ashamed, cover up, hide – I want to live my life to the fullest. And enjoy every moment. Also in the evening, when we’re with our significant other, we have to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. Sexy and well-cut lingerie is a great tool to give yourself a little courage, but also add that “meeeoow” effect.

I have prepared for you, my loves, my TOP 10 models, which, if properly matched to your figure, will certainly fulfill their task!

Exactly... properly matched to the figure – I tried to choose different styles, so that each of you could find something just right for yourself, and not try to adjust yourself to the underwear. You are to wear the clothes, not the other way around! Remember that.

I’ll start off calmly and, as we move on with our blog meeting, I’ll start to heat up the atmosphere ;)

NO. 10

A set with a bathrobe, which is the perfect solution when you’re still gaining self-confidence and want to be able to  cover up a little.

NO. 9

This is a beautiful night gown, and the saturated red – so dreamy! And because there are no underwires, it’s both comfortable and sexy at the same time. You’ll look like a perfectly packed sexy gift.

NO. 8 

This peignoir is a bull’s-eye if you’re not ready to go out into the deep end yet, but want to get the effect you want. The sexy bathrobe will reveal exactly what it needs to. The lace neckline will perfectly slim your figure, and the translucent material on the back will intrigue and attract the eyes of your other half in a second.

NO. 7 

Now it’s time for two suggestions for my fuller girls, but not only.

The first is a night gown with a classic elegant cut that perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes – it is a must-have.

And the recommendation in a red version – a better solution if you want to cover up the love handles ;)

NO. 6 

The second proposition is a corset that you can wear not only in the bedroom, but also with a suit or jeans and a nice blazer, a denim jacket or shirt – I wear it myself, I love this combination. We emphasize what needs to be emphasized, and what we don’t necessarily want to be visible – we subtly cover up. I recommend it!

NO. 5

My list couldn’t lack a beautiful, classic, immaculately white proposal. I like absolutely everything about this set!

NO. 4

This set will surely ignite the senses of your partner. Beautiful design, sensual lace and these flirty bows... Ah!

NO. 3

I love this set! It’s cute and sexy at the same time... and that turquoise!

NO. 2

Anyone who doesn’t love dressing up doesn’t know what they’re missing. Being self deprecating and having fun is so important! Obsessive has some great suggestions on this topic, but I chose the maid, which you’ll find in both sizes S?M and L/XL.

NO. 1

This is my proposition for the brave, as I promised – I tried raising the temperature to the very end. An elegant cut with fancy, open panties, finished with pearls. And that beautiful lace on the back! There’s no doubt that in this set you’ll feel like the queens of the night.

I’m curious how many of you will be tempted by this proposal... I’ve already ordered my set.

This is my TOP 10!

Remember, girls, each of you is beautiful and each of you deserves to feel beautiful in your body, with your clothes on, in your underwear and without! We only have one life – let’s not take ourselves too seriously! Good mood, fun, and being down to earth – these are key.

I kiss you warmly and hope that you’ll like my choices and that you’ll feel even more beautiful and confident!


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