Top of the top - romantic, sexy and spicy ideas for a Valentine's Day gift in the month of love. Check out Obsessive must-haves and other tips that will lead you straight to pleasure!

1. Sexy teddy

Can comfort and sexiness go hand in hand? Yes of course! It is even advisable. Valentine's Day gifts can be practical - so choose one of our teddies that we have plenty of! A lot of styles, various cuts and degrees of spiciness ? Every woman will be happy with such a gift for Valentine's Day. The teddies that we recommend with a clear conscience but with naughty thoughts are: knitted B130 teddy, 876 teddy with subtle dots and the tempting Megies teddy!

2. Photoshoot

If your woman has a whole lot of sexy lingerie in her wardrobe, then buying another set may not be surprising. In this situation, a voucher for a sensual photoshoot with her favourite lingerie in the lead role will be perfect! It’s a superb Valentine's Day gift for a girlfriend ! Your loved one will be delighted, and the sensual photos in which the photographer brings out her feminine beauty will awe you both ;)

3. Nightdress and babydoll

Spend Valentine's night in each other’s arms! What will make it absolutely passionate? First of all, a sexy nightdress that will be the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her! In such amazing lingerie, every woman will feel the power of her sex appeal.

4. Show how much love you got

A plain jar can make a Valentine's Day gift! Tie it with a red ribbon and throw in… 100 paper cards. On each note, write down the things you love about her. You can mention both beauty advantages, e.g. “I love your beautiful brown eyes”, as well as the little things that she does every day that you enjoy.

5. Perfect set

Get a gift for Valentine's Day that will be useful not only for that one occasion! Lingerie sets will be a perfect choice here. Your woman can wear them every day, but also surprise with them in the bedroom. Check out the beautiful sets we have at Obsessive! Underwear for Valentine's Day and more <3

6. Together through the world

If you are the traveler type, a map of your trips together will be a more romantic gift than you think. All you have to do is buy a cork board and stick a world map printed on thick paper. Stick the cute pins on those countries on the map that you have already visited together, put it into a nice frame and wrap it.

A gift that will not only remind you of your travels, but also motivate you to plan next romantic trips ;)

7. Naughty accessories

Lace masks or satin blindfolds work wonders in the bedroom! If you are looking for an idea for Valentine's Day, fancy play for two will be perfect! Or maybe you want to warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom? Erotic spanking crops will guarantee you a completely new experience.

8. Jewelry

As Marilyn Monroe used to say, diamonds are a girl's best friend! They are also a best friend of a man who is looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas ;) An engraved necklace with an initial, or a bracelet with shiny stones are a classic adored by women. If you want to buy really gorgeous jewelry, discover amazing body jewelry in our Bijou collection

9. Peignoirs

Make your woman feel like a goddess every morning! Valentine's lingerie is not only tempting corsets and lace sets. In a subtle peignoir she will feel super sexy, and the flirty atmosphere at breakfast will encourage you two to play in the evening.

10. Romantic evening

A gift does not have to be packed in a box. The most romantic and memorable are the memories you create together. In the times of a pandemic, a romantic dinner in a restaurant is not possible, but your house is still available. Light candles all over several rooms, prepare a delicious dinner, good wine and... sprinkle rose petals on the floor. Your idea for Valentine's Day is ready!

The idea straight out of a movie may seem a bit "hackneyed" to you, but deep down every woman dreams of such a special evening.

We hope that your Valentine's Day 2021 will be filled with Obsessively hot kisses and you will spend it in each other’s loving arms!

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