The best Valentine’s Day gifts – TOP 10

The month of love is fast approaching, so it’s a good idea to think about what kind of Valentine’s Day gift you’re going to get your other half. If you’re still undecided, we’ll give you some ‘top of the top’ ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. Are you looking for something romantic? Discover the newest trends and ideas for unique Valentine’s Day 2022 gifts!

 1. Sensual lingerie sets 

You can never go wrong with a classic. With just a bit of fantasy, even one of the most practical presents can turn out to be the beginning of a romantic and exciting love adventure. Start by looking for universal lingerie sets, such as Bluellia or Isabellia. It’ll make every woman feel super charming and feminine. If you don’t know your partner’s size, don’t worry! Obsessive lingerie is very elastic and it’ll easily adjust to her beautiful body shape ensuring the comfort of wearing. To make your Valentine’s gift even hotter, add some seductive perfumes with pheromonesto the lingerie set. 

2. Photoshoot for two 

A photoshoot voucher will be a totally original idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. You can even take it a step further and suggest your partner to pose in her favorite sexy lingerie. A romantic version of this gift would be a photoshoot for two. She’ll definitely be positively surprised! It’ll also leave you with a great souvenir to put in your wallet, on the wall, or night stand. See all the possibilities?! You can decide together which version suits you best!

3. Home SPA

To say that we live in a fast-paced world is an understatement. It’s difficult to disagree. That’s why some relaxing downtime will be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea. Prepare a hot and aromatic bath with rose petals. Place and light candles all around the bathtub – they’ll add to the cozy mood. Our Spicy bath bomb will work perfectly here. A pinch of pheromones will heat up the atmosphere between you two and give you a long, sensual night in each other’s embraces. A home massage could be a nice alternative. Turn your bedroom into a wellness space full of beautiful scents and incense smoke. It’s an idea that combines moments spent together with exciting foreplay. 

4. An original Valentine’s Day gift – a jar of love

A simple jar can be a romantic idea for Valentine’s Day. Find a wide-mouth jar in your kitchen cabinet. Clean it inside and out if necessary (you can borrow some nail polish remover from your girlfriend to do this). Next, tie red and raffia ribbons around it (you can get them at any florist shop) for some rustic feel. Prepare around 20 (or more) pink or red heart-shaped cards, jot down some 2022 date-night ideas on them, and put them inside. Another idea is to write down the names of places that you’ll be visiting together or ideas for hot nights for two. It’s all up to you and your imagination what your SO will find on those little hearts…

5. Jewelry – a wonderful Valentine’s Day idea 

As Marilyn Monroe used to say: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”! But they’re also a guy’s best friend, especially when he’s looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift 😉 Well picked jewelry makes every woman feel more attractive. And jewelry received as a gift from her man gives a feeling of closeness – she’ll think about your close relationship every time she puts it on. A gold or silver heart-shaped pendant necklace will be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for her. If your relationship is more dynamic, our Bijou body jewelry collection could be an intriguing option. Combined with a spicy teddy, it’ll make the temperature rise to the extremes, not only on Valentine’s night!

6. A travel itinerary, i.e. a romantic present for Valentine’s Day 

If you and your partner enjoy traveling, then a map of your trips together will hit the spot! All you gotta do is get some cork board and mount a world map printed on thick paper on it. Place multicolored pins on the spots that you’ve visited together. You can also add a pic from each trip to the map. Now put the entire thing into a frame and wrap it. Your girl will definitely enjoy the brought back memories and get inspired to plan another trip. 

7. Sexy lingerie, erotic outfits, and naughty accessories 

The lovers’ holiday is a great opportunity to try something exciting! Perhaps you’ve talked about gadgets that could add a bit of spice to your relationship. This red mask and sexy teddy will intensify your intentions and stimulate the senses. Some fantasy play is a seductive scenario for this special night! Use a spanking crop – a hot atmosphere is guaranteed!

8. Visit places that are important to you 

Make a list of places that hold special importance to your relationship. Perhaps the restaurant you went to on your first date? Or maybe the gym where you couldn’t take your eyes off of each other? If these spots aren’t close, there’s nothing wrong with extending Valentine’s Day over an entire month! Not only will it be a fun gift, but also very sentimental. To top it off, pick a new place where you could do something unforgettable together. A paragliding flight or skydiving in a wind tunnel will be a surprising adventure!

9. Flowers – a universal Valentine’s Day gift for her 

House plants have become super popular in recent years. If your partner happens to be a fan of a home jungle, find a shop that offers a wide selection of plants. Some of the most interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day include the spiderwort or syngonium neon robusta. A new plant will show her that you’re not indifferent to her hobbies and passions. A classic bouquet of red roses will surely also make for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for your girl

10. That special night 

If you’re still asking yourself: what should I get her for Valentine’s Day?, remember that your gift doesn’t have to come wrapped up in a box. The couple holiday is a day that’s worth just simply devoting time to your other half. You can prepare their favorite dish or dessert with aphrodisiacs – it’s the simplest idea that will always be a success. Light some candles, get her favorite wine, select the right music, and you’ve got a fairytale evening! This movie-like scenario may seem a bit cheesy to you, but deep inside every woman dreams of an evening like that. 

Let Valentine’s Day 2022 be full of amazing moments spent together! Obsessive wishes you romantic raptures of love and unforgettable experiences in the arms of your beloved!