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Bottoms – hipsters, thongs, shorties – are probably the most intimate items of your wardrobe, right? Something hidden, something that conceals a secret, but also something that you need to feel comfortable in, otherwise... wearing it would not make sense!

Find out what’s perfect for your derriere, depending on the shapes it represents!

1.At the beginning of the alphabet

Are you the owner of an A-shaped derriere? You are so lucky! For your buttocks (narrow in the upper area, wide in the lower area), we have the sexiest bottoms according to men – thongs! Thanks to high-waisted thongs, legs are optically lengthened. Sexy hipster thongs beautifully emphasize all feminine curves.

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2.Shape of love

Derriere in the shape of an inverted heart? Is this yours? If so, in your case, the sexiest curves are located below your hips. Lace shorties and brazilian bottoms are the best styles for you, preferably high-waisted ones as they will ensure better proportions. In this kind of women’s bottoms, your derriere will look more uplifted, rounded and most importantly – you will feel 100% comfortable and feminine!

P.S. optically elongated legs? Oh yes, these sexy bottoms will do it for you!

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3.Pleasure all the time

Is a round bottom your advantage? You are lucky girl, you can open champagne! Many women are now working out in the gym, fighting for what you got from nature – round, sexy derriere. Your curves do not need decorations, but... if you want to wear Obsessive panties, we recommend... all of them! Your derriere will feel great in everything, and it will look even better!

Maybe during the evening with your loved one you want to get naughty? Spicy games for two are more pleasurable if you use something equally spicy! Meet our crotchless panties! They will beautifully emphasize your curves, give you comfort and an unforgettable experience. It's time to try something new, don't you think? ?

Discover a new dimension of pleasure – Obsessive crotchless underwear.

4. Short is better

Another type of derriere shape – a square. If your bottom is slightly flattened, you should choose tanga panties or built-up shorties. Tanga panties have triangle-shaped front and back. They emphasize the curves and make the bottom look uplifted and more convex. Crossed lacing and ribbons on the buttocks are your allies in the fight for perfect panties! They amazingly accentuate the waist and elongate the legs, making your figure look fantastic. If you don't believe us – check our shorties!

5.At the end of the alphabet

Well, maybe not at the very end, because we are talking about a V-shaped bottom. Wide shoulders and narrow hips – it this your body shape? If so, then you are probably also the owner of a beautiful derriere! Full panties or shorties are recommended for such sexy shapes. Panties of this type fantastically emphasize feminine curves, and at the same time cover the areas that you don’t want to show. However, you cannot forget about comfort, so especially for you we used our ComfyCut solution in selected Obsessive panties – seams do not cross on intimate areas, and curves are emphasized, with full wearing comfort. You're welcome!

Hipster panties also work great here, lowering the waist and exposing the hips. You can see more here.

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