Valentine’s Day gift for him

What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift for your man than you (of course in gorgeous lingerie)? This year do your best and prepare something romantic, but with a twist. An exquisite dinner for two, sensual music and the main attraction of the evening – you in Obsessive! This Valentine’s Day will be his favourite ever, we promise! Are you wondering what exactly to put on to boost the atmosphere? The choice is huge, see for yourself!

Valentine’s Day gift for a husband, fiancée, boyfriend

Give him something that he will remember forever. We have a lot of ideas, but you know him best. He will surely like every gift in your version. However, we have something that will be very useful to you! Valentine’s Day lingerie that you can wear for this special occasion! How about classic black combined with delicate, sexy lace? Can you already imagine his burning gaze? Then we’re on the right track 😉 The 810 collection, it looks innocent, but nothing could be farther from the truth – it handles passion perfectly! Take a look at the Mixty collection – it’ll wrap your body with alluring straps and make it the most practical Valentine’s Day gift you have ever thought of.

Feast of lovers with a twinkle in the eye

Sexy gifts for Valentine’s Day are not only lace, black lingerie. How about surprising your loved one with colour? At Obsessive, we have what you need! A lingerie set for Valentine’s Day in green, blue, mint and other juicy colours. Oh wow! Really pleasant moments are ahead of you two. The heavenly Flowlace collection or the sensual Sensuelia collection will make you lose yourself in your embrace and lose track of time 😉

Seduce him with a Valentine’s Day gift

There are plenty of amazing thrills waiting for you on Valentine’s Day! We cannot imagine a different scenario looking at our tempting assortment 😉 A little spice has never hurt anyone – quite the opposite! Latex imitation material is something every man wants to see on his beloved! See how divine the Stormea ​​or Lollypopy collection looks. They will be the perfect companions for an exciting date in the bedroom!


What’s something you can’t imagine this day without? Pheromones, of course! It is something that will cause your significant other to not be able to stop thinking about you. Prepare a hot bath for the two of you with Obsessive bath bombs. What can go wrong? Absolutely nothing! We are convinced that the atmosphere will be really hot! For dessert, give him totally masculine perfume that will bring you both to your knees. The fragrance notes in the bottle will make you go crazy with passion, but in a positive way.

Have fun! Let it happen!