Do you sometimes think about becoming someone else for a moment? Set aside everyday worries and take on the role that will turn up the temperature in the bedroom! Who do you want to be, a sexy policewoman, a caring nurse or maybe a naughty maid who wants to have spicy fun instead of cleaning? Read on, at the end you will exactly know who you wanna be...

Wink at him!

3,2,1, it’s time for fun! Forget for a moment about sensual, delicate lace and classic solutions. From time to time, you should go into your bedroom with a little bit of craziness and good humor, to diversify the time spendtogether. As a playful maid you’ll forget about boring, routine evenings and spice up your love games with extraordinary ideas! Be yourself, but play the role which you have always dreamed of! Sounds tempting? Believe us, it is, so let’s start with a kiss!

A cure for boredom!

Hey, we have a cure for boredom – a sexy nurse costume. Play together in a completely different way than before and experience the unique dimension of pleasure for fun! Do you think it's not for you? Dear, have you ever tried? Believe us, sex has a different faces, and everybody know that everything tastes better with a pinch of humor! We guarantee that he will feel like having a sexy medical examination and his heart rate will increase as soon as you invite him to your private clinic!

Take your stethoscope and show him it's going to be amazing!

Fly high to the sky!

Treat yourself to a pleasure journey into the cosmic abyss of love! Ready to take off into the unknown? Or maybe you already know how great it is to have fun with dressing up? Man, take care of a unique gift for your chosen one! There is no time to lose, and it’s time to fulfill your innermost desires! So with the luggage filled with everything you need - a smile, good humor and a desire for more; set off to discover new continents of fantastic experiences in the style of Fun!

Meow, and you'll want more!

Are you already sharpening your claws for evening frolic? We have the perfect disguise for you! In a sexy Cheetia set, the fun will be just as you imagine! An amazing dose of pleasure and sex-appeal in the Fun version - that's exactly what  you’ve been looking for

, right? Immerse yourself in fantasy and wearing a tempting leopard set, hold his hand and lead him to a wild land of love experiences. Oh, you don't even know how nice it will be, you haven't dreamed of it yet!

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