Wondering what gift to choose for your beloved for Women's Day? The era of carnations is long gone. Tulips as well. If you feel a bit upset after reading this information, we have very good news for you. Below you will find some ideas for perfect gifts! This year invest in something as feminine, elegant and sensual as possible! Browse through our list, get inspired and give your woman a unique gift this time. One that will make her feel appreciated and... seduced at the same time!

  1. Luxurious sleep - sleepy femme fatale!

Quite enough to sleep in colorful pajamas with cartoon characters or old t-shirts. Time for a bit of luxury - also in the bedroom! Give it to your beloved and she will surely find a way to repay you. Take a look at our chemises category and let yourself be carried away by the fantasy. Shy angelica, elegant, lacy femme fatale or spicy devil? Or maybe you will choose all three? After all, it's said that a woman doesn't have one face... With obsessive lingerie, she can have a lot of them!

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chemise obsessive - night lingerie
2. An ethereal butterfly - to look sexy even at home!

Do you know such a word as "housecoat"? Brrrrrr! Probably you're shivering to the very sound of it and you can immediately see your childhood neighbor with rollers on her head through the eyes of your imagination. Luckily, women in quilted, thick bathrobes are only a distant past! Now fashionable women stroll around the houses in sexy peignoirs gowns.

Give one of them to your chosen one. This is not only an elegant and beautiful but also an incredibly practical gift! She will get a chic element of homemade lingerie with which she will not want to part, and you... wonderful views of the beautifully emphasized body of your beloved. Choose between playful, elegant and classic style. You will surely find something that you and your partner like.

>>>  Sensual peignoirs <<<

peniuar szlafrok obsessive


3. Strongly erotic fragrance - Obsessive perfumes

Perfumes? Why not! It's always a nice gift.... but getting the same fragrance year after year gets boring. We have something better and extremely exciting for you!  Perfume with the addition of pheromones! Choose between our 3 unique fragrances:

  • Fun - Floral-fruity-gourmand perfume with tempting notes of Damascus rose and orange blossom,
  • Sexy - oriental-woody perfume with a charming note of Moroccan jasmine,
  • Spicy - oriental-floral pheromone perfume with a spicy note of Mexican chocolate.

Or maybe you would like to add oil or massage candles from the same fragrance line to your gift? Remember that all of these cosmetics have a pheromone supplement, which will further enhance the atmosphere in the bedroom!

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perfumy z feromonami pheromones perfumes

4. Classic - lingerie for Women's Day!

So what women love to receive from their men - beautiful and fancy lingerie. It's perfect for every occasion! Such a gift allows a woman to feel not only appreciated but also admired and worshipped. The sexy set is a tribute to female curves and proof of their constant presence in your head. The choice of underwear is also an important indicator for women in the study of man's fantasy. So, answer a very important question - do you prefer to give her a luxurious, sensual set or something more courageous?

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5. Gift Card Obsessive

What if you don't know which gift your beloved one would like to receive? You dream of something a bit spicier, but you don't want to decide alone and put her before the fact? Or maybe you have browsed our website from board to board, and you don't know if you prefer her in a tempting corset or rather in the housemaid's outfit? We have also prepared ourselves for this eventuality! Use our gift cards! Give your beloved voucher, and then have fun together choosing the best proposals.

Remember that you can add our charming gift box to each of the presented proposals. So, let your imagination run wild! Let this year's Women's Day be really special!

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