Hey, hey... do you hear the sledge bells already? The Christmas atmosphere is slowly spreading to all of us. “Last Christmas” sounds in practically all radio stations, and romantic lights decorate almost the whole city!

Until 24th December we still have a moment of waiting, which Santa Claus will make more pleasant! Who and what kind of gift will find under the pillow? Good girls will surely get chocolates or socks! But... who would waste time on being kind, when you can be entirely free to become... naughty? We invite you to the world of Obsessive, where Santa Claus fulfills your dreams - this time the spiciest dreams!

Become his Santa Claus girl!

Socks are a nice gift... but for an old uncle! Naughty girls definitely prefer stockings more! Reindeers shyly whisper that years of observation prove that their guys prefer them too! A box of chocolates? Hmmm...only if you appear with it in a totally fabulous Santastic look, ready to give your beloved one some really creative gifts. We guarantee that he is not waiting for anything more, and the mug and bedding are perfect gifts only in the lists of market newspapers. Santastic dress and teddy is a costume for women who like to seduce in a coquettish and very feminine style. The delicate fabric of the bodysuit beautifully wraps the body, exposing all its charms. The dress, trimmed with white, soft fur, floats slightly with every movement, invitingly exposing the buttocks. This is a tempting and incredibly attractive way to warm up the Christmas atmosphere! For those of you who prefer a slightly sharper entrance, we recommend the frivolous Santastic set - a red bra, thong and Santa’s cap. Such a gift is unforgettable!

Santastic - christmas dress Obsessive

What do naughty girls want from Santa Claus?

If you are looking for an idea for a Christmas gift, you are in the right place. Congratulations, you are in the right place! We have everything that naughty girls like the most! Surprise her this year by offering her a gift in which you will lock up your biggest fantasies about her! This is an excellent opportunity to warm up the atmosphere of your relationship and go on a journey through the undiscovered lands of the senses together! Check out our wildly tempting Rougebelle collection, where luxury intertwines with wild passion! Admit it, there isn’t a more feminine combination, is there? Look at the lace bodysuit, temptingly shaping the silhouette and exposing the buttocks or the sweet babydoll... What would you like to see on your beloved first? Or maybe you prefer something spicier? For example, the Lolitte set with lace and fantastic lacing? You will feel like you are in the French boudoir of the artist from Moulin Rouge... We also have a proposition for fans of hellishly hot impressions! A set of fantastic bras and leather and mesh thongs will make your bedroom a very hot place this Christmas! You can choose... Classic Lolitte or a leather, cheeky Redella? Which one of these gift ideas seems better to you now?

Lolitte - black babydoll & thong Obsessive

Redella - black dress & thong Obsessive

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