Women's day is another special day that we’re looking forward to at Obsessive. We create sexy lingerie for women and we want to make you feel beautiful, confident, and super sexy. This year our motto is: "Feel the power of femininity". We would like each of you to express your femininity and speak out about your passions, values and what you love about yourselfBuying Obsessive lingerie you get wonderful emotions and sensations for free. Every day we get at least a few messages from our satisfied customers who feel amazing in our lingerie. That’s what inspired us to create a special challenge for you girls!

What are the rules of the challenge?

  1. Show your power of femininity with a picture / tell us about it in your Instagram Stories
  2. Tag us with @obsessivelingerie
  3. Add #obsessivegirls
  4. Invite two friends to show their femininity.

Have fun with other #obsessivegirls!

 Our sexy Women's Day 2021 gift ideas

We know that every woman is now looking forward to this day. And we know that you are always curious about what kind of surprise he has prepared for this occasion, hoping that it is Obsessive lingerie ;) You can also buy it yourself as your favourite Women’s Day gift. Giving yourself more confidence and sex appeal sounds like a perfect gift. So let's take a look at our proposals.

Very feminine lingerie for Women's Day 

Dear gentlemen! Women's Day wishes is not all you need. But beautiful wishes together with gorgeous lingerie… that’s the right way to a perfect Women’s Day gift! What about the Tulia collection? A super feminine set and babydoll with delicate pink are Women’s Day must-haves. Your loved one will feel great and look fabulous. Give her this kind of joy and pleasure.

Are you looking for something ultra-sexy? A corset is a perfect choice. The one from the Heartina collection won our customers’ hearts! We also have it in red if that’s what you prefer. Take a look at 863 corset – it will be love at first sight. The corset perfectly fits every woman's shapes. Add some sensual stockings to your cart. We know that you love them!

Now look at our wonderful #obsessivegirls expressing their power of femininity!

Beautiful Nina in our 862 lingerie set

Alex in the ultra-feminine Moketta teddy in a spring style!


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Natalia in super charming lingerie from 860 collection in a pink colour (2020 limited edition) and in the Rougebelle babydoll in the colour of love.


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Post udostępniony przez Natalia ?? (@nataliabrzezina)


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Post udostępniony przez Natalia ?? (@nataliabrzezina)

Look at the beautiful Lolitte teddy! Did you know it’s so sexy at the back?

Our customers love Heartina set!

863 set in a lovely shade of red.


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Ivetta is one of our newest collections. Model Sandra Kilian looks amazing in it!


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#Obsessivegirls, we’re waiting for you to show your real power of femininity!

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