You are partly right because Obsessive is a very sexy lingerie but... you’ve been following us probably for quite some time, so you know that we love to grow.

We've already made our own cosmetics with pheromones – massage oils, women's perfumes, beautifully scented bath bombs. Our XXL collections and those for big bust have also been greeted with wide smiles. We’ve also designed a fantastic beachwear collection and it’s already in demand! So… what’s new?

What's next?

We're very, very creative – you know it. You’re probably wondering: "What will be next? Can they surprise me with something else?" Yes, of course! We’re coming to you with something completely new! Meet our phenomenal fragrance “for MEN”. Elegant bottle, the magic of pheromones and a tempting scent that is soooo expressive. Are you ready?

Awaken your imagination

Energizing head notes like orange, lemon and mandarin are combined with the subtle charm of jasmine and rosemary. Enriched with strong notes of white musk and patchouli, this fragrance is extremely attractive and perfect for a real man. Women fall in love with it. Men gain more confidence and their inner gentleman is immediately awakened. Wanna try?

Imagine an evening for two. Dinner, wine and a sexy scent which will lead you to your innermost desires. Man can always enjoy tempting Obsessive lingerie and pheromone perfumes on his woman’s body (Sexy, Spicy and Fun fragrances). Now? Now also a woman can feel seduced, tempted and encouraged to enjoy pleasant experiences that begin with the first contact of the MEN perfume with his skin!

Single or in relationship?

Who is our men's perfume for? For all men, whether they’re single or in a relationship. Gentlemen, if you're still looking for love – this sexy fragrance will definitely help you. Do you already have your dream woman next to you? Be sure that she’ll fall in love with you one more time!

Use your new magic wand – Obsessive fragrance “for MEN” – and awaken her fantasies. Don’t think that she’ll resist it or resist you – it won't happen!

You still want more?

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