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  • Frivolla - bralette with straps - color: Black
  • 838-BRA-3 - Red, lacy bralette - color: Red
  • 829-BRA-3 - Bra with straps - color: Red
  • 810-BRA-1 - Lacy, black bra - color: Black Product temporarily

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What’s the most eye-catching and the most beautiful part of female body for most men? Their eyes usually go in the same direction – towards women’s breasts. Men love to admire the bust, especially when it’s emphasized by a sexy brassiere. Breasts are a mysterious land of temptation which men want to discover.


Sexy bras – beautiful turns into amazing

Sexy brassiere is this magical thing that covers breasts (some bras don’t cover) but at the same time makes them look even more tempting. It’s every woman’s secret weapon – dangerously seductive. How to choose a bra that will let you feel great? A bra that will steal his heart? This mission requires some knowledge and practice. But don’t worry. Practice makes perfect and a perfect bra is within your reach now! 

Obsessive bras will help you emphasize your bust just the way you want. We created various styles with different features. Which one would be best for you? Let us give you some tips!


Sexy brassiere – colour has power

You can start with the choice of colour. Black? Red? They have different natures. Black is elegant and always stylish. This colour is a timeless classic when it comes to sexy lingerie. Black always works great. Now what about red colour? It boosts sensuality. Just like flames, red lingerie will warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom. Holidays? Valentine’s Day? Put on sexy red! And remember that it’s perfect not only for special occasions.


Style and design

Colour is not all. Now let’s take a look at the fabric. Possibilities are unlimited. But for many years there’s been one biggest hit – lace brassiere! Women are in love with this kind of bras. Why? They look elegant, sexy and coquettish. And that’s a perfect combination. Obsessive lace bras give you various patterns and styles.


Comfort and full satisfaction

Sexy bras have different features designed for different bust sizes. Small breasts look great in a soft cup brassiere. Women with bigger breasts should choose an underwire bra. You can also check the type of straps and closure. And what’s most important? The size – your brassiere must fit your bust perfectly. Obsessive bras have their individual size charts. They’ll help you make a perfect choice that will give you full comfort and fantastic look.


Now you know everything so… check out our sexy bras!