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Bridal lingerie

Bridal lingerie

  • 871-CHE-2 - Delicate chemise & thong - color: White
  • Lolitte - Elegant, black set - color: Black
  • 874-BAB-2  - Delicate babydoll & thong - color: White
  • 852-CHE-1 - Sexy chemise & thong - color: Black
  • 860-SET-2  - White, lacy set - color: White
  • 853-SET-3 - Tempting set: bra & thong - color: Red
  • Miamor  - Delicate peignoir & thong - color: White
  • Lolitte  - Sexy, black teddy - color: Black
  • 810-BAB-2 - Babydoll & thong - color: White
  • 857-CHE-1 - Sexy chemise & thong - color: Black
  • 810-BRA-2 - Delicate, white bra - color: White
  • 868-COR-1 - Black corset & thong - color: Black
  • 866-BAB-1 - Sensual babydoll & thong - color: Black
  • 871-COR-2 - Subtle corset & thong - color: White
  • 873-BAB-1 - Cute babydoll & thong - color: Black
  • Rosalyne - Sensual corset & thong - color: Red
  • 853-SET-2 - Delicate, white set - color: White
  • 855-SEA-1 - Sexy set with suspenders - color: Black
  • Redella - Seductive, black set - color: Black
  • Moketta - elegant chemise & thong - color: Black
  • Letica  - See-through corset & thong - color: Black
  • 874-CHE-2 - White chemise & thong - color: White
  • Giftella - Unique, red teddy - color: Red
  • 876-PEI-1 - See-through peignoir & thong - color: Black
  • 853-TED-2 - Lacy, white teddy - color: White
  • Ailay - Amazing teddy - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • 866-CHE-1 - Black chemise & thong - color: Black
  • Laluna - Sensual chemise & thong - color: Black
  • Shibu - See-through chemise & thong - color: Black
  • 874-SEG-2  - Delicate set with garter belt - color: White
  • 861-PEI-5 - Pink peignoir & thong - color: Pink
  • 853-GAR-2 - White garter belt - color: White
  • 862-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • 869-CHE-1 - Subtle chemise & thong - color: Black
  • Miamor - Sexy, white set - color: White
  • 863-BAB-3 - Red babydoll & thong - color: Red

    Sizes :

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Preparations for your wedding are in progress and you are wondering if you have forgotten something? What else should you remember? We will tell you: don't forget to choose really special lingerie that will charm your beloved one and suggestively announce the pleasure of the wedding night! In the pre-wedding rush, making millions of smaller and bigger decisions, quickly running between make-up artist and hairdresser or among the crowd of guests, it is easy to forget that this day is a holiday of love and intimate feelings that are between you and your husband. Take care to find a moment just for Him! Think of the lingerie in which you would like to present yourself to your chosen one during your first marriage night. Let your imagination run wild and choose between classic, elegant sets, incredibly sexy corsets or ethereal, feminine peignoirs. We've prepared for you a collection of the most important tips on wedding underwear. Check them all and make sure your choice is 100% right!

Wedding lingerie consistent with styling

Most brides choose lingerie which is similar in cut or texture to the whole wedding styling. If you focus on the princess' appearance in the overall design, you can do the same when choosing a sexy, richly decorated set of underwear. Feel like a true ruler of male hearts and prepare a truly royal welcome for your chosen one!

For more modest styles, opt for the classic satin sets. Don't let the simple character of your wedding outfit be dominated by the sophisticated form and fancy decorative elements. Remember that well-chosen minimalism will emphasize your feminine beauty so that you can shine and feel amazing – like a real empress!

Comfortable wedding lingerie

An important thing that you should follow when choosing your wedding lingerie is the comfort of wearing it. Put on materials that are soft, elastic and pleasant for your body. If you don't feel comfortable in a corset, choose a more classic set of underwear consisting of a bra and panties. Add spiciness through the garter belt and sexy stockings. After all, comfort for the whole night is a very important issue here! If you choose lace sets, check their stretchability and applied solutions. The icons in the COMFORT section of our website are very helpful. They will tell you about the solutions we used in our lingerie in order to give you wearing comfort. Thanks to the icons you will know if we used Silky Touch fabric that wraps your skin with velvety softness, or ComfyCut solution – sewing lines that do not intersect on intimate areas of your body, or NickelFree solution – no nickel-plated elements. What does it all mean for you? In short – no unpleasant sensations, no allergy symptoms!

White stockings – an essential element of wedding lingerie

Wedding is a perfect occasion to put on alluring stockings. And with your white wedding shoes there is no better option than delicate, white stockings with incredibly soft fabric and lacy adornments. This is a really sexy match and it’s even sexier when you add a garter belt! Check out our tempting collection and let yourself be a little bit naughty on your big day!

Wedding night lingerie

After all-night fun, you and your husband will finally have some time for your love. This will be your first marriage night! Sounds exciting, right? You may be too tired to change your underwear, so make sure that your wedding lingerie can serve as the wedding night lingerie. Lace, straps, garters, stockings – your husband will keep his eyes on you until dawn! Warm up the atmosphere with our sexy accessories. You will never forget this amazing night!