Gift Cards terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of using Obsessive Gift Cards - 17.10.2018

I. General conditions

  1. Amocarat Sp. z o.o. located in Czaniec, 1 Królewska Street, as the issuer of is obliged to issue to the Customer the Obsessive Gift Card and accept it as a method of payment at on-line store
  2. The customer after buying the Obsessive Gift Card is obliged to pay to the Issuer particular amount in accordance with ordered Gift Card. As a future method of payment, amount paid in order to purchase the Obsessive Gift Card is transferred and owned by the Issuer.
  3. The Obsessive Gift Card is shipped to the Customer by shipping method chosen during placing an order. The Customer is obliged to cover shipping costs if accurate.
  4. If client select method of shipment: via e-mail, he will receive electronic gift card ready to print in pdf file in an e-mail in 24 hours after posting payment on our account (during working days). .
  5. The Obsessive Gift Card can be used as a method of payment at The Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash neither fully nor partly. Unused Gift Card can be returned to the Issuer by the Customer on the conditions which apply to returns of products at on-line store The conditions are stated in “Terms and conditions” at Obsessive store.
  6. Obsessive Gift Card includes all necessary data including: the amount of money that can be spent, expiry date and serial number.
  7. The Issuer is not responsible for Gift Cards which have been lost or shared to the third parties. This applies also to sharing the serial number/code entitling to using the Gift Card.
  8. Expiration date of Obsessive Gift Card is visible on the Card.

II. Rules of using Obsessive Gift Card

  1. Obsessive Gift Card gives the right to purchase one or many items available at on-line store. After placing an order and filling in the field “Discount code/Gift Card number” an adequate amount of money will be deducted from the final sum. If the value of ordered products exceeds the means paid on Gift Card the Customer is obliged to cover the difference between amount available on Gift card and the sum of ordered products by using any of acceptable methods of payment.
  2. If the value of ordered products is lower than the value of Gift Card – the remained means of payment expire.
  3. The Issuer has the right to refuse accepting the Gift Card if it’s expired.

III. Other settlements and complaints of Obsessive Gift Card

  1. All complaints regarding products bought with usage of Obsessive Gift Card will be investigated within 14 days (in words: fourteen) from the day of written complaint.
  2. Complaint can be e-mailed to, filled directly at the Issuer’s headquarters during trading hours or sent via traditional postal services to Amocarat Sp. z o.o., 1 Królewska street, 43-354 Czaniec.

IV. Returns of products

  1. Products ordered with usage of the Gift Card at Obsessive store can be returned – the Customer will receive a new Obsessive Gift Card of the value of returned products. The new Gift Card will be sent to the Customer.

V. Final provisions

  1. In the moment of receiving the Gift Card, Customer admits that he is aware of all Terms and Conditions, accepts it and will respect it. By ordering products and using Obsessive Gift Card as a method of payment Customer confirms that he allows the Issuer to use Gift Card in accordance with the documentation held by the Issuer.
  2. According to regulations of tax law, Obsessive Gift Card is not an electronic payment instrument, nor is it an electronic payment card. Obsessive Gift Card is a form of a voucher.
  3. Regulations concerning vouchers will be applied to all issues not regulated within these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The content of these Terms and Conditions is available on the website at:
  5. Amocarat Sp. z o.o. is obliged to provide the Customer with the Terms and Conditions in written form at Customer’s every request.
  6. Amocarat Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions.
  7. All changes in Terms and Conditions are effective from the date of their introduction by the Issuer and after the altered Terms and Conditions become accessible on